Nobody enjoys lobster in the morning

  • When:10/26/15
  • QIC: Lobsta Roll
  • The PAX: Alf, Smokie, Turkey Leg, Madison, Coal Miners Daughter, Paper Jam, O’Tennanbaum, Arena, Witch Dr., Huggie Bear, Nomad, Squid, Re-tread, Telemundo, Gerber, & Lobsta Roll (Q)

Nobody enjoys lobster in the morning

Posted on behalf of Lobsta Roll:

Nobody enjoys lobster in the morning but QIC was glad that 15 of Area 51’s finest decided to join him and start the week off right.  A quick disclaimer and we are off.

We started our journey by taking a brisk jog around the school and met in the lower parking lot.

20 IC Plank Jacks

5 Merkins

20 IC MTN Climbers

5 Merkins

20 IC Parker Peter

5 Merkins

20 IC Peter Parker

5 Merkins

Remained in plank for the entire set


20 IC Squat

20 IC IW

The PAX was not very happy with the early kick in the teeth courtesy of our extend plank exercises.  If they were not happy with that, I am certain the next little gem did not sit well.

Quick mosey to the soccer field for a set of 11’s.  Our distance was the entire length of the field and the exercises were burpees (on both sides).  QIC was very creative this morning.  11’s are painful as well as burpees so putting them together I am sure left a nasty taste in the mouths of the PAX.

Next our slow mosey took us to the wall in front of the school for a little bit of rest.

2 min wall sit followed by a lap around the track stopping at each corner for a called exercise.  Alternate between 10 CDDs and 10 diamond merkins

Back to the wall for another 2min sit

Slow mosey to the front playground for 1 set of 15 pull ups and 30 dips

End at the launch point for Mary:

25 IC Flutter


25 IC Dolly

25 IC Freddie Mercury

The End!

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