So Sore….

  • When:10-24-15
  • QIC: Hammer
  • The PAX: Harley, Dead Lift, Cable Guy, Fragile, Boerewors, Bowman, Pogo, Safe Light,

So Sore….

The thang…

7 am 7 pax and 1 FNG showed up for with tickets on the pain train….

We started with a warm up jog to back parking lot, did some warm up exercises and a quick stretch.

From there we headed over to the rock pile, partnered up, and grabbed a rock.  it full on night time for the beginning of the work out.  not used to that on Sat.  We decided to stay on the on the pavement and avoid holes, so…..

  1. Partner 1 ran 100 yards to light post and back partner 2 did curls while waiting on partner 1 to get back.  x 3 sets When finished fast groups had an active rest holding the plank, when the 6 came in we finished with 15 mountain climbers in cadence.  We then passed our rock down  to the next group and….we were feeling out of balance and couldn’t finish strong until each group had tried each Rock for a cycle…
  2. Same light post to sprint 2 for partner 1, partner 2 did push presses x 3 sets.  Again as the groups finished everyone held the plank for the 6, and with the return of the 6 15 Peter Parkers in cadence…exercise.  Upon finishing pass your rock to the next group….
  3. With a pattern fully developed, we continued on but with triceps extensions and sprints x 3 sets.  Finished with 15 Parker Peters, exercise….pass the rock…
  4. Rock squats and sprints, finished with planks and push ups….and return the rocks to the rock pile.

Everyone lined up and did an Indian run to the soccer field for some Hammer Time.  Each Set includes

  1. 20 dips at the pavilion
  2. Run to the fence
  3. 20 push ups
  4. Run to the backstop
  5. 20 air squats
  6. Finish with 10 hill sprints

We all did the first set staying together and doing and indian run between pain stations.  After which it was a full on race.  Harley and Cable Guy battled back and forth for the lead, with Harley eventually pulling it out in end.  After 3 cycles it was 8 am and time Mosey back.


Harley finished us with a prayer that was so inspiring he officially was designated The Rock’s Chaplain, and has prayer duties from hear on out.

Dead Lift finally got his neighbor to come out and when it was found out he was a fellow Clemson Tiger, i promptly named him after one of my favorite places at Clemson Bowman Field.

Great work everyone, and so sore…….


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