Mountain Goat Pre-Blast

  • When:10/23/15
  • QIC: Slim Fast
  • The PAX: All running levels who want to improve their conditioning and running technique. Especially for those that want to run the Joe Davis Run!

Mountain Goat Pre-Blast

Plan to join us in the morning for Mountain Goat at South Charlotte Middle School at 0515.  We will be doing the following fun and exciting activities:
1.  Warm-up; stretching
2.  3 rounds of :30-second slow, :20-second med-hard, :10-second sprint x 5 followed by 2:00 minute recovery.
3.  2-3 (depending on time) 800’s at I-pace with 400 recovery in between.
4.  Cool-down; stretching

We are planning to do timed mile runs next week on 10/30, so this will be a great final tune-up for that.  Everyone is welcome, and we will plan to have the clock out there for the 800’s.

See you in the morning!  Slim Fast

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