It took some ciphering

  • When:10/22/15
  • QIC: Bratwurst and Honey Bee
  • The PAX: The Mouth, Cheddar, Huggy Bear, Bratwurst (Q), Frasier (Xtra Credit),Honey Bee (Q - Xtra Credit)

It took some ciphering

6 men were not deterred by the confusing and convoluted preblasted plan for todays Devil’s Turn.  Either that or they didn’t read it and showed up blindly trusting the Q for an effective running workout.  Regardless of the circumstances, they were there and it was good.  It was greenway day.

The day actually started at 4:45 with Frasier joining YHC for some extra credit.  This credit consisted of 2 miles Easy pace, 9 minutes out and 11 minutes back of Threshold pace, and 5 minutes rest/jog to meet the rest of the PAX at mile marker 0.5 near the Johnston road entrance.

There was significant ciphering involved in finding out how to meet the PAX precisely at mile marker 0.5 at the right time.  However, the run went down with military precision and Bratwurst joined Frasier and YHC for couple more intervals of Threshold pace alternated with 3 min rest.

The remaining 3 PAX (Huggy Bear, The Mouth, and Cheddar) proceeded with pushing to new limits today.  The Mouth and Cheddar were observed far from home (>3.5 miles to be exact) at the midpoint.  Talk about full commitment.  They made it back just after 6:15 so that the bet paid off!  Strong push men.

Although not confirmed (PAX split up at the end), Huggy Bear likely also pushed to new limits today.  Running in with Bratwurst may have triggered some PR’s in the speed department.  To be confirmed in the comments section.

Overall a great day on the greenway.  As it is at most Devil’s Turn workouts, it is really painful while you are doing it, but when you are done, the sense of accomplishment is well worth it.  Thank you men for coming out and sharpening iron.


  • Keep Long Haul in your prayers (recovering from shoulder surgery).  We need him back in the gloom.
  • Haggis is running 102.5 miles this weekend.  Pray for him.
  • Haggis has convinced several others that running 20.5 miles with him in the dark is a good idea.  Pray for the others also.



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Long Haul
8 years ago

Thanks for the prayers brothers. Recovery going well and hoping to be back in the gloom soon.

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