Track Free for All

  • When:040915
  • QIC: Long Haul
  • The PAX: The Mouth, Mighty Mite, Stone Cold, Horsehead (faux WD at 107), Double E (site FNG), Honey Bee, Long Haul (War Daddy)

Track Free for All

Seven men left the parking lot headed to the track for a “light” workout.  Due to a few PAX headed to the Mud Run this weekend, we set out for a track workout OYO,  Everyone seemed relaxed as we began the trek to the track.  Although the first mile was a bit faster than a fellowship pace, Honey Bee, although supposedly tapering for the mud run, stepped it up on the second mile as he surged past the PAX and set his own pace.  New site FNG, Double E decided he wasn’t having that and stayed hot on Honey Bee’s trail.  Nice work Double E!

Once at the track, several PAX chose to do a mini boot camp workout while others proceeded to push themselves and their pace around the track.

The PAX all found there way back to the parking lot with no errant wrong turns and no lost PAX, so YHC considers this a win.


Welcome to Site FNG Double E – Good to have you out and we hope you can join us again in the future.

Good Luck to all mud run team members this weekend.

Check out the new third F at Ballantyne after Bagpipe on Wednesdays.

Check out the F3 Golf Tournament.

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