Resolution Monday

  • When:01/05/15
  • QIC: Alf
  • The PAX: Floor Slapper, Crab Cakes, Young Love, Huggy Bear, O' Tannenbaum, Franks, Arena, Pop Tart, Back Office, Prohibition, Uncle Leo, Turkey Leg, Lobster Roll, & Alf (Q)

Resolution Monday

14 PAX gathered at The Matrix to get a little stronger on the first Monday of the New Year.  We were under a full moon and finally no rain in the forecast for a change.  The clock struck 0530 and we were off.

Mosey around the school and out to front parking lot for COP

SSH x 51 IC

IW x 20 IC

Low Slow Squat x 20 IC

Low Slow Merkins x 20 IC

Flutter x 25 IC

Mosey over to the wall and Partner up.

P1 – 25 Jump Squats, P2 – People’s Chair

Flapjack then repeat with 30 Jump Squats

P1 – 30 Derkins, P2 – Balls to the Wall

Flapjack then repeat

Mosey around track and line up at light post

P1 Lunge Walk to first light post and run back.  P2 does LBC’s.  Flapjack

P1 Wheelbarrow to 1st light post, P2 Wheelbarrow to 2nd light post, run back and 10 partner handslap merkins

P1 Lunge Walk to first light post, run to 2nd post and back.  P2 does Dollies.  Flapjack.

P1 Wheelbarrow to 1st light post, P2 Wheelbarrow to 2nd light post, run back and 10 partner handslap merkins

Run around school and up to playground.

P1 does 10 pull-ups, P2 20 CDD’s.  Flapjack then repeat

P1 does 15 hanging knee raises, P2 does 15 burpees.  Flapjack then repeat


Run to back parking lot for Mary.

CCV Left side x 10 IC

CCF Right side x 11 IC

Rosalita x 20 IC and immediately into Protractor rotation

Backscratcher x 15 IC

Russian Twist x 15 IC

Jailbreak back to cars.


The dry weather was a nice change but its bringing with it the colder temps.  A few grumbles as we crossed the open field in the first mosey which was severely water logged.  With all the lights up and running on the back side of McKee Rd Elementary some of the biggest water hazards were at least sort of visible.  Earlier Dredd noted in his #DRP “Today may be your day to inspire your Brother, just as tomorrow may be his day to inspire you.” So with that in mind Partner work was on the docket and all were pushed.  Young Love drew the short straw and had to try and keep up with Lobster Roll, tough sledding but chasing a Brother makes you stronger.  A great core of steady Matrix regulars today with O’Tannenbaum showing up 4 minutes early and Floor Slapper 2 minutes early, I don’t think they knew what to do with all the extra time so they proceeded with some awkward stretches prior to the start.  Franks and Back Office have been working themselves into “regular” status as well and Huggy Bear getting stronger and coming more often.  Thanks to Young Love for the closing prayer and inspiration.  Always a privilege to lead such a fine group.


Joe Davis Run – Saturday – sing up now!  You can all run the 5K and most can run the 10K (or both!)

Joe Davis Coffeteria – donate online to support the F3 coffeteria or bring cash to the event.

Unbroken moving Saturday night – sign up now as attendance is low.

Matrix Q’s – looking to fill out the 2015 docket.  Contact Uncle Leo or Alf to get in on it.


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