Jack Webb wears skinny jeans

  • When:01/03/2015
  • QIC: Prohibition, Hairball
  • The PAX: Purple Haze, Radar, Garbanzo, Spackler (Pre-run), Joker, Semi Gloss (Pre-run, LIFO), Alf, Teddy, Mighty Mite, Boutique, Ickey Shuffle, Prohibition (QIC), Hairball (QIC)

Jack Webb wears skinny jeans

With the shovel flag firmly planted under the watchful eye of the Day Zero Hawk and the music rocking, Prohibition gave a quick thanks to Radar and Purple Haze for handing over the reins and jumped right into it:

The Thang:
Casting aside the notion of easing into new management and a new year at Day Zero, Prohibition kick-started the COP in cadence to some tunes that got the pax moving. “What?! No SSH?!” The outgoing site Q’s wondered aloud whether this transition to new leadership was really going to work out.
-Merkins x 18 IC
-LBCs x 20 IC
-Wide Arm Merkins x 18 IC
-LBCs x 20 IC
-Diamond Merkins x 18 IC (crowd pleaser)

Mosey off-campus toward greenway down Radner Ln
Hairball COP (IC) midway down Radner
-Low slow quat x20 IC
-LBC x 20 IC

Mosey to cul-de-sac for another COP
-Merkins x 20 IC
-Flutter x 20 IC

Fast Indian Run along greenway to Elm Ln overpass.  Grab a stone/boulder.
Jack Webb w/ stones:
1 merkin/4 overhead press
2/8…up to 5/20 then back down to 1/4

More stone work all in cadence:
-Curls x 20
-Overhead Press x 15
-Tricep extensions x 10

Put stones back.  Mosey to greenway ramp up Elm back to Touchstone. Hang a Luigi on Bevington towards Radar’s old crib. Plank up at the 3-way stop. Hairball made sure the pax came to a complete stop at the stopsign (you’re welcome, Radar).

Hill work:
7’s up Hemingford Ct – squats at the bottom, burpees at the top
Plankorama and a mosey back to the benches on campus.

On the benches:
– Dips x 15
– Derkins x 20
– Stepups x 30
Rinse & repeat

4-way lunge across the parking lot

Jailbreak run to the shovel flag.

Circle up for some Mary
-LBC x 20
-J-Lo x 10
-Rosalita x 20

Ye Olde Moleskine:
-Total ground covered today 2.5+ miles. The new site Q’s were going for that perfect balance between running and strength work.

-Alf, Joker, and Teddy were absolutely crushing the hill work. The inspiration from the RFYL ladies must have gone to their heads.

-Mighty Mite and Ickey Shuffle smoked the pax on the jailbreak.

-Semi Gloss made a quick appearance, hammering out a pre-run with Spackler before the workout.

-Good seeing Mighty Mite back from the mountains out west. The altitude training is definitely giving this guy a leg up.

-The pax explored some newer territory today. The stone pile on the greenway under Elm Lane looks like the home of a troll. The stones ranged from football size, to small asteroid. Several of the pax weren’t shy about picking up small boulders today.

-The scouting report didn’t prep the Q’s for the Run For Your Life marathon on the greenway this morning.  Made for an interesting round of Jack Webbs with the 100+ tomatoes passing and rooting us on. Not sure if anyone noticed Purple Haze quickly take his shirt off and double his reps.  True story…maybe.

-Great group of guys today.  Good to see a few faces from other workouts.  Glad you got a taste of Day Zero, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

-The music is Prohibition’s new thing.  It was apparent pretty quickly that his choice of music isn’t the best…unless he’s into partying with high school kids.  It did spark quite a bit of mumblechatter, however.

-Radar was up to his usual hazing of the Qs.  Started with the music in which he asked about Prohibition’s skinny jeans (or to Haze – jeans).  Continued with bashing his cadence call and making fun of his tiny watch.

-Late in the workout, a few of the pax noticed a hawk perched on top of the school roof. Over the next months, the Qs will be practicing falconry and have a real all-American show ready for the pax. Think smoke, pyrotechnics, Johnny cash blaring, with the hawk perched on the shovel flag. Come back regularly to see the action.

Always a pleasure leading a fine group of men, who show up ready to work. Prohibition and YHC are honored to take the lead of a fine site that Radar and Purple Haze created. We’ll do what we can not to royally screw it up.


  • Sign up for the movie.  Only have about 22 so far.
  • Day Zero will converge at the Rock on 1/10 due to Joe Davis Run
  • Go Panthers.

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