If a workout happens and only the Q is there, did it really happen???

  • When:01/02/2015
  • QIC: Champagne
  • The PAX: Champagne

If a workout happens and only the Q is there, did it really happen???

IT was a balmy 45 degrees Friday morning and YHC was on Q for The Brave. Since YHC hadn’t posted since Christmas eve, the anticipation for a good beat-down was high. The weather was perfect, even mild for late December.

YHC pulled into the parking lot with about 7 minutes to launch time – hmm – no cars – guess everyone still working on catching up on sleep from NYE.

YHC figured to remain in the car and wait for the pax that were sure to arrive and listen to some nice angry man music to get pumped for the workout.

5:14 and still no pax – hmm so if no one shows does it still count as a workout (sort of like if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make any sound?)

5:15 arrives and no pax – not to worry, if YHC pulled his sorry arse out of bed, there was no way YHC was going home – this workout would happen – the following is what took place and for all of you who stayed in the fartsack – hope your jealous.

Run down Ballantyne Commons Parkway to the Ballantyne Corp Parkway. Hang a left and do some serpentine hill runs then mosey over to the Premier deck – wave good morning to the security guard (who evidently didn’t have an issue with only one pax running in his deck vs. the larger group that Outback took who was run off).

Quick run around the deck, up the stairs, across the top and back down and proceed down Btyne Corp Pkway. (at this point YHC half expected to see Haggis go running by)Cross bridge over Johnston Rd, and hang a right – stop for a quick 25 merkins to wait on the 6 – oh wait, there is no six today.

Run behind the building and do the slalom run between the trees across the back, the around the pond and back to the lot for 25 SSH in cadence, 25 Merkins, 25 Slow Squats (are they in cadence if YHC is the only one doing them???)

Back around the lake and hang a right, bear crawl over the bridge then up to the next pond.

Lap around the lake, and wall climb x 4 – mosey over behind the next building.

Lunge walk 10 parking spaces, 10 jump squats, bear crawl 10 parking spaces, 10 CDD – rinse and repeat x2.

Run to next lake – make a lap – then 25 merkins and 20 slow reverse lunges per leg at the picnic area, then another lap.

Run over to next lake – plan for some backwards uphill runs, but audible – evidently there was a sprinkler malfunction as the area around the lake was slush and way to mucky for hill runs.

Head over to the exercise trail.

3 x arm walks across the low bars.
3 x arm walks there and back on the high bars
2 x single bar dips.

Just enough time to make it back by 6:15.

Final tally – 5.25 miles – lots of merkins, CDDs, jump squats, lunges and bear crawls. Fun was had by all.


YHC often wondered if he would go thru with a workout if he were the only one to arrive – and today YHC found out the answer. It was a good workout but the 2nd F was definitely missed. Plus when YHC doesn’t have to explain the next exercise etc. there is very little “rest time”.


Joe Davis Saturday Jan 10th. Check out the post and donate to the coffeeteria via the paypal link.

Thats all YHC’s go
Champagne out.

Shout out below if you are jealous for missing this great beat-down…

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7 years ago

The dreaded “table for one” workout. Done a few myself; no fun, and never looked at my watch so frequently.

When counting, did you play both role of Q and PAX?

7 years ago

Great BB Champagne. A true test of fortitude! Only mumblechatter was from within

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