#F3Swift – Uphill Finish

  • When:12/30/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Outback, Strange Brew, Moosehead, Wing_man, Soft Pretzel (WB), Bratwurst

#F3Swift – Uphill Finish

5 PAX left the Vine lot at 0515 for the weekly down painment known as Swift.  1 more PAX found the way, eventually.

The Thang:

  1. Warm-up about 1.5mi with 2ndF pace and a few strides.  Cones are in place.
  2. On the Rushmore Dr. “landing strip” (Straight and Flat), run 200m at 1 mile race pace (or 1600m race pace for our 3 metrically-inclined PAX today) / R-pace (from the calculator at http://runsmartproject.com/calculator) and recover 200m jog
  3. Run 200m at R-pace and recover 400m jog
  4. Run 600m at R-pace (back up on Rushmore to run first 200m slightly downhill, across the 200m flat, and then finish 200m uphill to the Bullring) and recover 400m jog (bending over grabbing knees and #spilledmerlot optional following 600m)
  5. Repeat back to Step 2 two more times for a total of 3 Rounds
  6. Mosey back to COT

The Moleskin:

  • Two weeks remaining to prep for the Joe Davis Run, and today’s turnout was not a great sign of the dedication that Area 51 PAX are making for training.  As one of the most important weeks in the training cycle to prepare to dominate the 5 or 10K, I bet many PAX are simply doing this workout #sadclown style.  For all seriousness, this should be somewhat of a peak week.  We’ll continue to push hard into next week, but it will be dialed back just a tad. #notataperweek
  • The Metrically inclined (two Canucks and an Aussie) outnumbered the Imperically inclined at the start of the workout, so YHC had to give everything in Pace per Kilometer and such.  This made for some confusion, but since Wing_man eventually found us after Round 1, balance was restored in the Units universe.  This begs the question, what stickers do Aussie and Canucks put on their vehicles to show off how far they ran – 21.1, and 42.2?  What about if they are triathletes – 113.1 and 226.3?
  • Who is getting out of the car in 39.0F and rain with short-sleeves? Oh, that’s Strange Brew.  Wait, there’s someone else he drug out and said “you’ll be fine in shortsleeves (but I don’t have gloves for you)” – oh, that’s his brother Moosehead.  Ok, we’re set.  All we need is Haggis to show up an start blabbering about this is like one of the nicest Summer days he’s ever seen in Scotland…no Haggis, so let’s jog around the block to give him a chance to show.  Still not there?  OK, must be waiting for Bagpipe (didn’t turn up there either, so he’s probably dreaming about running in weather like this #fartsack).
  • Actually, even with the rain, the weather wasn’t too bad.  Just by coincidence, we ran intervals INTO the wind and rain.  At least the recovery jog was nice.
  • Soft Pretzel was a little too happy to dial it back after last weeks 400s and just run some 200s.  He didn’t have the same happy thoughts after the 600, but dude is still killing it out there.
  • The Metrically inclined formed a nice pack for the first few intervals, but deciding that neither thought each other’s accent was much better than their own, they started turning it into a competition of who could get away faster from each other.  Outback and Strange Brew continued to bring it in strong, and Moosehead could be found constantly pushing the limit and continually thanking his brother for bringing him out.
  • Wing_man did actually read the Pre-blast, so he was a little perplexed we he didn’t find us exactly “on” the Bullring.  We happened just to be “piercing” the ring today, so instead of the “landing strip” we may have a new nickname for this little area along Rushmore.  Needing TigerRag’s and other’s creativity on this one…
  • Strava reports from –


  • Joe Davis Run – sign up now! or just pay increased cost later. http://joedavisrun.racesonline.com/
  • Convergences for Area 51 at the Maul tomorrow 0600-0700.  It may or may not be 0.0 (0.0001 in kilometers) with Frasier and Bratwurst on the Q.

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8 years ago

Hate to break it to you Brat: Outback, the Pax, is from New Zealand. #Haka

More bad news: Outback, the restaurant, is from Tampa.

8 years ago

I’m on an aggressive, non-Bratwurst sanctioned taper. Two weeks of taper for Joe Davis, with only one run between now and then.

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