Let Me Give You A Little Something to Take Your Mind Off That Pain

Let Me Give You A Little Something to Take Your Mind Off That Pain

Posted on behalf of “The Late Show”

10 men arrived in the gloom of Outland for a holiday painfest.

The Kettle Bell crew arrived early for a little pre-Outland beatdown and were joined by the rest of the PAX for the 0700 main event.

The Thang

Headover the Shovel Flag for an abbreviated COP (SSH x30)

Mosey to the rock pile and pick a good sized one, grab a partner and line up along the practice field.  Partner 1 does pain station with the rock whil partner 2 sprints down the field and moseys back.  switch and repeat.

Round 1
– parnter 1 curls while parnter 2 runs and swtich (repeato x3)
– plank (active recovery)
Round 2
– parnter 1 overhead press while parnter 2 runs and swtich (repeato x3)
– flutter kicks (active recovery)
Round 3
– parnter 1 tricep extensions while parnter 2 runs and swtich (repeato x3)
– Hello Dolly (active recovery)

Indian Run back to MS bus stop with various body wieght pain stations.   Listed in no particular order…

– Decline CDDs x20
– Decline Merkins x20
– Diamond Merkins x10
– Mekrins x20
– Step ups x40
(repeato x3)
– peoples chair on Wall until everyone is finished

Plank up in a line and wait your turn to plank walk down the rails. get  back in line and do it again.

(2nd half) The Late Show on Q.

Off we mosey – Indian Run/Rambling Mosey back to our pet rocks.

Grab pet rocks and head over to the dip bars.

P1 on the dip bars for supine rows with P2 manning the rocks for rock squat overhead press.

(21) & flapjack

(15) & flapjack

(9) & flapjack

(3) & flapjack

6 MoM

Various counts of protractor, backscratchers, plank with 6 inches, and just for fun bring that right knee around to the right elbow and hold, then with the right knee. Throw in some mountain climbers on the line (thanks for the help with the cadence!)

Then just for Horsehead – single leg hip bridges, (10) each leg.

Mosey back to the flag.


Thanks Horse for taking us out.

Moleskin from the perspective of The Late Show

Major Payne came to mind as we circled up for prayer. Everyone (whether spoken or unspoken) has some kind of pain going on in life. Some of the spoken pains are heavier than others, at least from the outside looking in, but the burdens we all carry are real… at least for those of us carrying them. It’s awesome to come together as brothers in Christ to sweat out some of the troubles that this broken world slings our way.

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Drop Thrill
7 years ago

I don’t know what was going on Saturday, but I had serious shakes or whatever (not that thing HH and GJ were doing a couple weeks ago) #TMI and was laying out on the field praying someone would carry me back to my car. Solid all the way.

I’m working on FNG’s, but no success yet.

Also do we want to carpool to the Joe Davis race? I know GJ and I are in and paid. Come on Hair Band you know you want to run. 🙂

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Drop Thrill
7 years ago

Solid all the way was a reference to the workout, not the other thing.

Hair Band
7 years ago

Great beatdown guys.

I like how Countertop said there would not be much distance running then off we run to the practice field, sprints, then indian run to back of school, then indian run back to practice field. You sit on a throne of lies. 😉

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Hair Band
7 years ago

Well you didn’t have to run 3 miles without stopping. So there ya go.

Glass Joe
7 years ago

Great beatdown. Between your beatdown and the kettlebell 6AMer, I was hurting Sunday and made for an interesting run this morning.

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