Boxing Day Beatdown

  • When:12/26/2014
  • QIC: Baracus and Bulldog
  • The PAX: Baracus, Bulldog, Cottontail, Lobster Roll, Turkey Leg, Prohibition, Double D's, Strangebrew, Splinter, Young Love, Big League Chew, Beaver, Uncle Leo, Simba, Alf, Teto, Cottonmouth, Winterplace, Donkey Kong, Slimfast, Steinbrenner, Mr. Brady, Blue Rhino, Sanka, Bullseye

Boxing Day Beatdown

25 fine lads braved the frost and converged for the first inaugural Joust/Kevlar Boxing Day beat down lead by Baracus and Bulldog.


Barracus on Q
10 burpees OYO
Mosey to football field and stop along the way for 2 more sets of burpees x 10, high knees and butt kickers
COP on field
SSH x 50
IW x 25
Slow squats x 25
Merkins x 25
Mountain climbers x 25
Bleacher work
10 x exercise on bleachers
Run steps one time up and one time down
Repeato with 20 and two steps and thirty with three steps
Exercises were derkins, tricep dips, and step ups
Mosey to grandma mountain
Run up to blue door
Peoples chair with air presses
Run back down
Bulldog on Q
Half a lap mosey
Three minute rounds in center circle
Round 1
30 secs jump squat twist
30 secs sit up with punches
30 secs hand release merkins on bottoms and at top
Mosey to touch goal post
Round 2
30 secs jump squats touching ground
30 secs mason twists
30 secs merkin with punch/shoulder taps
Round 3
30 secs burpees
30 secs Freddy Mercurys
30 secs diamond Merkins
Indian run around track
Sprint to cars
Six mins of Mary

A great turnout today for a good old Boxing Day convergence. Apparently it’s not just the Brits that enjoy this fine day off as Strangebrew claimed the Canadians got in on the act too. Baracus got the pax going out of the gate with a burpee bonanza on the way to the stadium field. The Q was on a mission knocking out 50 side straddle hops and 50 merkins in the warm up alone. The bleacher work was tough going and the upper bodies were smoked by the time we hit Grandma mountain and the blue doors. The frost made tricky footing and Slimfast found the quick way to the bottom on his bum!
Even though Boxing Day has nothing to do with the sport (other than wanting to knock out the in-laws) YHC decided that was the theme for today. We knocked out three x three minute rounds of 30 sec intervals that helped shed some of the festive blubber. We finished the workout with an all out race back through the gates. Big League Chew and Beaver looked like Rocky being chased by the kids as we gave them a head start! I think Lobster Roll ended up winning by a ways but the staggered start made things interesting!
Great work by all today and thank you to Simba for taking us out and reminding us all as to the reason for the festive season.
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