A Perfect Circle

  • When:12/26/14
  • QIC: Glass Joe
  • The PAX: Countertop, Ice9, The Late Show, Glass Joe (QIC)

A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle
In keeping with HB’s musical themed backblasts for Overdrive, I’ll call this ‘A Perfect Circle’. Not sure anyone noticed but we did the same basic exercises going and coming back just in reverse (railslides up the ramp and bear crawl down the ramp the first time and crab walk up the ramp and railslides down the ramp on the way back). Only variation is I had extra time so I threw in a Road Less Traveled with a jailbreak but even then, we ended up looping back to where we began so still a circle. As my 8 year old daughter reminds me constantly, nobody is perfect.

The Thang:

COP (after a mosey to the bus lot)
SSH x 20
IW x 20
LBCs x 20

Mosey to the tri-level rails going up the ramp to the school. Sorry about taking you through the wetness to get there. #QFAIL
Rail Slides Up all three levels of the ramp with lunge walks on the turns as only Barney is tall enough to do those.
Bear Crawl back down all three levels.

Mosey to the Elementary School.
The People’s Chair with 40 air presses x 2

Mosey to the playground.
4 Rounds of pain stations:
Step-Ups x 25
Mule kicks using the swing x 25
Dips x 25
Run around the track

Mosey back to the Elementary School.
The People’s Chair with 40 air presses and then 50 air presses.

Got extra time so off we go for the Road Less Traveled along the back road:
10 lunges
10 merkins OYO
10 lunges
10 seal sit-ups…at an increasing rate of speed
10 lunges
10 low, slow squats in cadence
10 lunges
Backwards Run for a while
10 lunges
Jail break run back to the point we started from

Mosey back to the tri-level ramp
Crab walk up all three levels
Rail slides back down to the bottom

Mosey back to parking lot

Dolly x 15


Great work by all. This was not your traditional Glass Joe-led workout. Pain stations are not my norm and CT seemed a little confused: ‘Who is this guy and what did you do with Glass Joe?’ Great to have Ice9 out pushing us to go harder while we all were humbled by The Late Show’s technical form.

Joe Davis Run
Outland tomorrow with CT/TLS on Q
FNG Friendly workouts next week

Thanks to CT for taking us out.

Honor to lead men who pushed me harder than I think I pushed them.

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