Run reindeer run!

  • When:12/23/14
  • QIC: Frasier
  • The PAX: Abacus, Haggis, Honey Bee, Teddy, Soft Pretzel, Wingman, Strange Brew, Outback, Frasier (Q)

Run reindeer run!

Nine strong reindeer got up early on Christmas Eve, Eve for a little romp around the bull ring.  Despite the early mist and chilly start the bell sounded at 5:15am.  Everyone in sleeves except Strange Brew.  It needs to be below freezing for sleeves.  The rest of us are weak.

The Thang:

Warm up mile at fellowship pace to the entrance of the bull ring.  Six exercises: heels up with heels pointed in, out and straight; toes up with toes pointed in, out and straight; butt kickers; high knees; bounding; and skips (I know they are not skips but they do feel like it).

The assignment was given.  Run 400m, or half way around the bull ring, at your mile pace and then do a jog recovery for 400m.  Repeto for two rounds then run back to the six to regroup after the end of two rounds.  The Pax did a total of nine rounds and covered exactly six miles give or take.


It was great leading out there today.  The Pax pretty much lead themselves with Brat’s instructions.  It was great seeing Drop Thrill as he literally dropped in for half a round until he pulled off the exit.  Maybe next time you will join us.  We never leave anyone behind unless they get lost #milerepeats.

I felt like the group was flying out there today.  It must be the Christmas excitment.  Teddy was charging every split.  Haggis and Honey Bee were right behind Teddy.  Running solid 1:19 splits each time and never complaining about it.  Well maybe a little.

Soft Pretzel was looking impressive for taking so much time off from running since PRing his half marathon at Thunder Road.  He is now cramming for the Joe Davis.  Watch out!  Outback looks like he is rounding back into form and his calves are no longer hurting.  He was always close behind.

Abacus continues to show why he is the favorite going into the Joe Davis between the Chepuel brothers.  I would lay money down that Chelms is going down.  Strange Brew sets his pace and hits his marks everytime.  Looking forward to seeing his brother out here next week.  He says his brother is faster but I don’t believe it.  Wingman has set a great foundation to PR his upcoming half marathon in January.  His wife better be worried.

Great job men and it is a pleasure to run with you and beside you.  Have a great holiday and everyone be safe!

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7 years ago

No one liked the “do the 400s up a hill suggestion”? 😉 I only said that because I wouldn’t be there…

7 years ago

Check out the strava segments for today.

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