It’s not going in our yard, Russ.

  • When:12/23/2014
  • QIC: Gummy
  • The PAX: Purple Haze, Prohibition, Lazy Boy, Griner (FNG-Bobby), Turkey Leg, Hairball, Glass Joe, Champagne, Slim Fast, Gummy (QIC)

It’s not going in our yard, Russ.

10 men with nothing better to do at 5:15 on a Tuesday morning gathered in the parking lot of SCMS, enjoying the beautiful, cold, rainy morning. Excited by a visitor from strange places (Glass Joe came all the way from Union County) and an FNG (Griner – ladies basketball coach at Charlotte Catholic), we headed out into the hard streets of South Charlotte.

Warmup run at a fellowship pace to Davie Park. Warmup with butt kickers, high knees and carioca in the parking lot. Assemble at the gate.

Proving that I am not a professional, we did a timed mile that was neither timed, nor a mile. Lots of PRs out there. Hairball came in at 3:15. Ok, maybe it was much less than a mile. Still.

Partner up. Partner 1 runs up around the upper parking lot loop. Partner 2 runs down towards whatever building that is at the end of the driveway, circles the loop and heads back. When the partners meet, do 40 merkins, 40 jump squats, 40 LBCs (per group). Flapjack directions. Repeat the whole thing again.

Gather near the gates for Mary (not so secret recovery). Flutter, Dolly, Russian Twist, Protractor.

Mosey towards the upper lot again. Find your partner. Partner 1 does the called exercise at the entrance to the loop while Partner 2 runs the loop around the parking lot. Flapjack. Repeat with the same exercise, both partners. Reps with 2 sets of lunges, burpees (thanks TL), jump squats.

Indian Run back to the SMCS parking lot. Done.

It’s not easy to design a Fast Twitch workout when there’s a fair chance that I’ll be the slowest guy out there. So we did lots of back and forth, loops, etc. that kept us all together. We still got about 5 miles in, most of it at high speed (for old guys).

FNG Griner is fast. Prohibition gets an extra referral bonus share for bringing him out. This was Lazy Boy’s first Fast Twitch post – and last, he says. He’ll be back. The Day Zero boys were out working hard today. I can’t really heckle them since they were mostly ahead of me. I’m probably still recovering from a much harder workout at The Rock.

Great work guys. While it wasn’t quite “fun”, working hard with this group is one of the highlights of my week.

– Sign up for the private Area 51 showing of Unbroken on 1/10. Not many have signed up yet. Help the organizer out by getting it done soon. They’ll have to cancel the reservation with the theater if we don’t get the numbers up. REGISTER
– Joe Davis signups are still open, as is the opportunity to make a donation to the Foundation or to pay for coffeeteria afterwards (hosted by The Fort).
– Convergence on Christmas Eve at Calvary Church (Anvil). 6:00-7:00 followed by coffeeteria at Piper Glen Starbucks.

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Glass Joe
7 years ago

Appreciate letting me crash your party today. Good to put faces with names. Hoping to make it back out next week before they confine me back to the UC

Chelms aka Tatertot
7 years ago

Somebody tell Griner about Centurion. He can go staight to work after COT. Trying to get someone there involved so we can recruit some of the high school boys. Mavrick, from rival Country Day, is the only teenager to post there so far.

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