Searching for the Christmas Star

  • When:12/19/14
  • QIC: Fletch
  • The PAX: Donkey Kong, MallCop, Chanel, Tiger Rag (KB), Spackler (KB), Turkey Leg, Bulldog, Flutie Flakes, Busch, Bananas, Good Hands, ButterMaker, Simba, Harley, Big League Chew, Cottonmouth, Puddin Pop, Sussudio, The Bus, Steinbrenner, Young Love, Byron (KB), Brown, Alf, Pop Tart, KimPossible, Fletch (KB)

Searching for the Christmas Star

clarke -“look kids, the Christmas Star!”
uncle lewis – “that ain’t the friggin’ Christmas Star Griz, it’s the light on the Sewer Treatment Center”

27 of South Charlottes Finest Sprang from their beds to see what was the matter at Kevlar. There would be quite a bit of running today as the Points on this Christmas Star were pretty spread out. Once the Pax was properly disclaimed – Here’s how it went down.

Drop off a few bells in the field to be used later on (thanks to those that provided the bells)

Circle up in field for Warm up In Cadence – SSH x25 – IWx25 – Squatx25 –Merkin x25

Grab a Partner and a Rock for a lap of catch me if you can with 5 Hand Release Merkins

Plankarama – at the end of the Loop

Mosey to center point of Christmas Star for brief description of the THANG. Quite a bit of chatter at this point – folks must have been eager to get started.

Break-up into 5 groups – each heading to a different point on the star

Return to center for 25 merkins at center of star before moving to next starpoint clockwise -25 Merkins before heading on your merry way

1 runs to rocks for 25 squat press with rock

2 runs to covered benches near tennis court for 25 dips

3 runs to Parking lot Field for 25 swings

4 runs to playground for 25 knees to elbows

5 runs to benches for 25 jump ups

Mary exercises performed while waiting for everyone to finish round 1 – The Flutter x25 In Cadence – hold it six inches – The Dolly x25

Begin Second round Christmas Star this time with 10 reps – Most completed 3 points before time was called.


Moleskin – The objective today was to keep moving around the AO with plenty of strength training exercises mixed in. Hopefully the mission was accomplished for the Pax this morning. TR decided to bring his Gary Fisher to cut down on the running while nursing a sore calf…thank you for keeping guard of the KB’s. The rock collection process before the catch me if you can went slightly awry – but things seemed to settle in after that point. Great effort from the Kevlar Pax as usual. I saw a great mix of KB’ers and Fast Twitchers out there this morning – strength and cardio is what we were after with today’s workout so there should have been something for everyone. Not including COP or Partner Chase – we completed roughly 200 Merkins and covered nearly 2.5Miles during the Christmas Star. A pleasure to lead such a strong group of men this morning. Thank you Sussudio for taking us out with a prayer that really hit the mark as we enter the holiday season.

Announcements –
Two upcoming convergences – check weekly emails
12/24 at Anvil – 6am
12/26 at Charlotte Christian – 7am

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7 years ago

Nice Q Fletch. You weren’t messing around on the covering the whole campus comment. We hit just about all points.

You did forget to watch out for the guy-wires during your disclaimer as I barely avoided taking one to the forehead on the way back with the rock. Apologies to BLC who either head butted by head or my rock due to the quick stop. O2 Dep must have affected the night vision.

7 years ago

Great workout this morning Fletch.
To quote Puddin’ Pop “I think that was the biggest starfish I have ever seen.”
TR riding on the bike was an example of commitment to the PAX, and it also made me feel like we were a mischievous gang of youths trolling the Christ Cov campus.

Reply to  Simba
7 years ago

That was no starfish, that was the Kraken!

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