Can’t Get There From Here

  • When:12/18/14
  • QIC: Long Haul (VQ)
  • The PAX: Stump Hugger, Sanka, El Presidente, Splinter, Outback, Funky Cold, Mike Griffin (FNG), Stone Cold, OK Cupid, Steven Cory (FNG), Hannibal, Haggis, Turkey Leg, Teddy, Wingman, Frasier, Wolfman, Mall Cop, Long Haul

Can’t Get There From Here

Posted on behalf of Long Haul for his VQ:

Well, 5:15am came and went and there was no sign of YHC on his Virgin Q.  Apparently YHC doesn’t keep track of road closure announcements as he learned the hard way that the 485 outer loop ramps at both Johnson Road and Rea Road were closed this morning.  So, after being forced onto the inner loop to Pineville, then taking the outer loop to Providence Road and then back on the inner loop to Rea Road, he finally made it to Devils Turn at 5:21!! #Cantgettherefromhere! Thanks to whomever got the PAX started.

Anyway, YHC was able to fall in with the PAX as they came back around from the apartment warm up loop and all was right with the world again.  It was a large group and there was a fair amount of chatter as we had some quality second F on the way to Piper Glen.  Once the PAX turned into the neighborhood the real work began as everyone kicked into their threshold paces.

It was a large group today, but hopefully everyone was able to get a good workout in.  Due to a wrong turn here or there in the gloom, a few people may have gotten a bit more mileage in than planned, but that only makes you stronger.

We welcomed two new brothers to the fold today and hope that they become regulars in the gloom.  Mike Griffin was given the nickname of Buttermaker (You’ll have to check out the Bad News Bears to get this reference) and Steven Cory was nicknamed Kingpin.

So, while it wasn’t the ideal VQ for YHC, I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless and loved the opportunity to lead such a great group of men.  Thanks for all of the support.


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