Merkinfest – The Charge Edition

  • When:12/17/14
  • QIC: Baracus
  • The PAX: Dick Clark, Babyface, Hopper, Bridges, Winterplace, Ruby, Bono, Tesla (respect), Arena, Baracus (QIC)

Merkinfest – The Charge Edition

The VSF was planted at Providence Day School on this cool, damp December morning and 10 guys got after it.  Here’s the story:

The Thang

Little baby jog to stadium with a tour of the bleacher area, then head to football field for:

COP (Merkins in civilian count, other exercises in cadence)

  • Merkins x 20
  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 18
  • Slow Squats x 18
  • Merkins x 16
  • IW x 16
  • Merkins x 14
  • Calf raises x 14
  • Merkins x 12
  • Lunges x 12
  • Merkins x 10

Mosey to the goal line

Merkin Suicides (10 yd increments)

Run to 10yd line and back/do 2x exercise

Run to 20yd line and back / do 4x exercise…

Run to 30yd line and back / do 6x exercise…

Run to 40yd line and back / do 8x exercise…

Run to 50yd line and back / do 10x exercise…

  • Wide-arm Merkins
  • Merkins
  • Diamond Merkins
  • Man-maker Merkins
  • 8 count Body-builder Merkins

Circle up in the end zone for Jack Webb

  • 1 merkin – 4 arm raises
  • 2 merkins – 8 arm raises
  • Up to 10 merkins – 40 arm raises

Mosey to a snack bar for:

  • Peoples chair (arms in front, arms overhead, air presses x10)
  • Take a lap up and down the bleachers
  • Peoples chair (arms in front, arms overhead, air presses x15)
  • BTW

Jog back to parking lot for MoM

  • LBC x20
  • Flutter x20
  • Dolly x 20

Naked Moleskin:

  • I’m sure the 10 men who gathered for this workout are already starting to have a little trouble moving their arms this morning as I brought back one of my favorite workouts first released at Anvil over a year ago…The Merkinfest!  Yes…we did a few Merkins, but I believe sometimes we get better results when we really focus on a specific part of the body for the entire workout…we did just that.  All different kinds of merkins!
  • YHC was having a little trouble remembering how many reps he was supposed to do during some of the COP exercises, and had to consult the weinke a time or two.
  • Good to see a couple of faces that I haven’t seen a lot of at The Charge.  Glad to have you back out Hopper, and good to see Ruby again…first time back since the Ausman family reunion before Thanksgiving.
  • Winterplace, I noticed the reverse BTW you were doing out there this morning…strong!
  • Great work by all you guys out there!  Always a pleasure to lead at The Charge…what a great AO!
  • Tesla thanks for taking us out this morning!


Joe Davis Memorial Run on Jan. 10 –

Unbroken – Join the men of Area 51 on Jan.10 for some great 2nd F as the converge upon Stonecrest Cinema to see the movie Unbroken, based on the best selling novel.

Upcoming convergence workouts

  • 12/24 TBD for The Charge, but Area 51 option is below
  • 12/24 Area 51 Convergence at Anvil (Calvary) 0600
  • 12/31 Area 51 Convergence at The Maul (Stonecrest) 0600
  • 1/3 Convergence at Ascent


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