#F3Swift – Adequate as #3Puppets

  • When:12/16/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Haggis, Long Haul (WD), Rock Thrill, Wing Man, Abacus, Tiger Rag (LIFO), Bratwurst (WB)

#F3Swift – Adequate as #3Puppets

7 PAX did not heed the #3Puppets warning in the Pre-blast and posted at #F3Swift anyway on Tuesday morning at 0515.

The Thang:

  • Warm-up at 2nd F pace for 1 mile.  5x50m drills.
  • Check the Preblast for full overview and explanation of today’s workout, including a video that explains some of the theory behind the running.
  • Rounds of 200m at R-pace, 200m jog recovery, 200m at R-pace, 400m jog recovery, 600m at R-pace, 400m jog recovery.  Completed 3.5 rounds.
  • Back to COT – Total miles 5.5+

The Moleskin:

  • Preblast originally stated a goal of that 3rd interval to be 800m or 2minutes.  YHC has suffered (#TBQ and #SpilledMerlot) through this workout in the past on most of the 800s, but after watching the Preblast video, got sensible and realized that he’s just not a “really, really good runner” and must not be able to do 800 repeats at that pace.  Running 2min or up to 600m multiple times at your 1mi AYG Pace (a.k.a. R-pace) is good enough work as far as YHC is concerned.  Also, with the Bull Ring, 600m is pretty straightforward to measure.  Due to the adjustment to 600m, this still was confirmed as a #3Puppets workout.  Very Tough, but did not leave the pax as “smoking ashes”.  And no #SpilledMerlot, so not a #4Puppets workout.
  • Never thought the warmup would bring a PAX down, especially ones that pre-rolls as much as TigerRag, but he must of not quite rolled through all of the kinks today.  Sporting a OL-esque knee brace may have factored.  Unfortunately, he gets the LIFO badge so #IceUpSon!
  • Rock Thrill is back out in full post-Marathon mode getting ready to deliver on the Joe Davis Run.  Showing some intensity out there.
  • Wingman is getting the hang of this interval stuff, and he is one of the few to crack the nut on Strava.  Results posted here confirming the 5.5+ miles today: http://www.strava.com/activities/229925154  He also added some segments that will allow “auto-tracking” any time we run the Bull Ring.
  • Haggis keeps slapping his own wrist before/after every interval.  He either has some internal dialogue about not looking at his watch to regulate speed, or Frasier has taught him a way to keep his wrists warm.
  • Long Haul was on Swift rotation this week, and he made sure to make the most of it.  Metro and Fort better be glad this War Daddy will most likely not make the commute for the Joe Davis Run, but he could surprise the PAX.
  • Abacus is Swift’s sturdy undercarriage (OBT holds that title for Metro).  Always consistently grinding and having a huge effort each week.
  • Strava explanation of Laps and Splits – (using examples of our workout today displayed by Strava and Garmin).  In Strava, “Splits” are auto-calculated based on 1 mile increments it analyzes post-run (some PAX get too focused on these Splits for an interval workout and end up running recovery too quickly just to make sure their Average mile pace is high). “Laps” are manual and what you need for intervals (so the Split paces don’t include rest/recovery time), but “Laps” can’t be created when using the Strava smartphone apps.  You also can’t see “Laps”  on the Strava mobile app analysis even if you updated a workout from your Garmin or other watch.  For a Garmin, you get Laps by hitting “Lap” button on your watch.  Garmin has these “Laps” displayed on their mobile and web app, but calls them “Splits”.  This is probably only frustrating for engineers and geeks, but you all need to share in my pain…



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9 years ago

Took me a minute to figure out how to create the segments. I shouldn’t have to read help pages. At least now results will include trophies. I will segment devils turn too. Now, when are we gonna have a tech session to get other garmin wearing PAX on strava? #lazy? #toomanycords?

9 years ago

Laps captured from Garmin watch show as Laps in Strava at least (by looking at your run Brat).

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