Missing Person: Male; Dark Hair; 5’9″; Turkey Legs

  • When:12/16/14
  • QIC: The Ghost of Turkey Leg
  • The PAX: Semi Gloss, 'Bout Time, Mr. Brady, Hannibal, Hopper, Horsehead, Gummy, Spackler, Slim Fast

Missing Person: Male; Dark Hair; 5’9″; Turkey Legs

OK… So I will only devote a small portion of the BB to lampooning TL for Qsacking today.  Even the Run For Your Lifers commented on his absenteeism and said they would keep an eye out for him…. we were all very worried… no, really!!   However, with no TL in sight at 5:15, for some unknown reason we mosey’d to the track, led by the Ghost of TL, and proceeded to do a warm-up mile at Fellowship Pace.

After the mile and 25 IW’s,  it was clear TL had either been abducted or overslept, so instead of sending a search party, we decided to honor the memory of his last wish and known communication… that we do some speed work.

Group consensus was to do a simple ladder:
4×200 with recovery 200’s in between
2×400 with recovery 400’s in between
1×800 with recovery 800
2X400 with recovery 400’s in between
4×200 with recovery 200’s in between

Finished with some Mary:
LBC x 25
Dolly x 20
Protractor as emcee’d by Gummy
1 minute elbow plank

Total miles 6-6.25 (depending on the extra 400 that some completed)

Everyone did great adjusting to a plan that was conceived 10 minutes AFTER the workout began!  And quite honestly it is situations like this that unify the PAX, provide for a humorous story or two, and create ENDLESS FODDER for reminding TL for at least the next 6 months!

‘Bout Time and Mr. Brady were clearly unfazed by the intervals as they smoothly set the pace and never looked back… until they both didn’t realize that when you go UP the ladder, you then come back DOWN!  So they completed an extra recovery 400 somewhere in the middle.  Nonetheless, strong from both… ‘Bout Time is looking like a veteran!  Always great to have you… BRR is definitely in your future!

Great to see Semi Gloss out this morning.  No better place to be and I know you are giving it all you got… which is exactly what you SHOULD be doing!

Spackler did some encouragement running with SG, then played catch-up… Spackler always likes it when I takeover running with SG, or whoever the six is… so he can go catch everyone else… It’s a special moment that he looks forward to!

Hannibal, Gummy, Hopper and Horsehead were also giving it 100%!  Nice job of blocking out the RFYL’s in the final laps!

Thanks Semi Gloss for the closing prayer.

1.  Joe Davis Run
2.  Convergence Wed 12/24 at The Rock (I believe… double-check that on the website)
3.  Convergence Sat 12/26 TBD
4.  Convergence Thu 1/1… Geraldo and Slim Fast will be planning the pain to make you forget that hangover!

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8 years ago

Thanks, SlimFast, for stepping into the vacant Q! Some Hannibal observations on the workout and BB:
1) 5’9″ is giving TL A LOT of credit #fromonewhoknows
2) I thought the .25 of the 6.25 was getting us to the track and back. Oops.
3) Hopper has gotten fast!
4) That said, YHC got lapped by Mr. Brady, ‘Bout Time, and SlimFast
5) Team Flatnin’ the Hills showed great teamwork sticking together. No RFYL tomatoes passing us today #formofawall (except for the old guy at the end, who we let through because in the dark, we though he was one of us. #wonthappenagain)
6) Why did we follow you down to the track again?

8 years ago

TL was dreaming that he was 5’9″, hence the fartsack.

That workout was terrible. When I got up from not doing the Mary exercises, I felt just like i had gotten out of the van at the BRR.

8 years ago

5’9″ standing on a ping pong table.

Thanks for ruining my nice solid jaunter Slim Fast. I was really starting to enjoy tormenting Semi G.

Just still can’t believe how sore I was from watching the marathon this weekend.

8 years ago

And I definitely pulled something in my left vas deferen during the smoke boots I put on lap 14. May have untied the knot.

Turkey Leg
8 years ago

First of all, that 5’9″ is a bit of a stretch. It’s more like 5’8 1/2″, but I appreciate the rounding error in my favor.
Secondly, that workout just looked painful – what I had planned was nowhere near that bad. I was exhausted just reading it. I thought you guys may have taken it easy. Who knew a sub could be so mean?

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