Do Your Ketttlebells Hang Low?

  • When:12/13/2014
  • QIC: Ickey Shuffle
  • The PAX: Gullah, Boutique, Ickey Shuffle

Do Your Ketttlebells Hang Low?

Only three of Area 51’s mightiest posted on a December Saturday morning, but what we lacked in number we made up for in brawn.  A mixture of kettlebell work and a trip to Santa Ickey’s workshop was on the docket for the day.

Kettlebell Portion:

20 two-handed swings

20 one-legged deadlifts alternating sides

20 alternating one-handed swings

10 alternating arm snatches

20 two-handed swings

15 goblet squats

20 alternating one-handed swings

20 renegade rows (10 each side)

20 two-handed swings

Repeat entire circuit

Gear Work:

The idea was to partner up and rotate through the gear stations but with only three we had to improvise, but it allowed us more turns through the stations and in turn, more monster making madness.

Station 1 – Kettlebell Swing Ladder: 10 swings each of 25, 30, 35, 45, 55 lb bells

Station 2 – Sledgehammer strikes onto tire

Station 3 – Jump Rope, shoot for 100 turns

Station 4 – Medicine Ball Situps

Station 5 – Tire Carry with Rope Pullback

Station 6 – Dumbbell Thrusters

Station 7 – 50 lb Bucket Carry

Station 8 – Cement Block Overhead Press

Station 9 – Yoke Carry: Picture a 2×4 with kettlebells suspended by chains

Station 10 – Weighted Shadowboxing

Hustle to Squeeze in Some Mary

25 Freddie Mercury IC

20 Crunchy Frog OYO

20 Russian Twist IC

10 Superman IC



Many thanks to Boutique and Gullah for joining me for my favorite hour of F3 and making the effort setting up the gear worth it.  We will have to go heavier on the yoke carry and add some weights to the tire pull next time.

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7 years ago

Great Q IS. Good to see some new stations put in the rotation!

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