What’s my name again?

  • When:12/10/14
  • QIC: Heartbreaker
  • The PAX: Heartbreaker, Frazier, Chipotle, Outback, Long Haul, Honey Bee, Puppy Love, Madam Tousseau, Heartbreaker..er, uh Strawberry

What’s my name again?

9 PAX got beatdown by Heartbreaker. #Cruel

The Thang:

Mosey to front of Theatre – circle for warm up
5-Burpees OYO
20-Mason Twist

Mosey to Fountain and partner up
Partner one = run around building; Partner two = called out exercise until your partner returns. Flapjack / Rinse and repeat with another called out exercise.
Exercises: Dips, Incline Merkins, Jump ups/Step ups, LBC

Lunge walk to parking lot; 10xMerkins

Indian Run to side of theatre for Peoples Chair with 30x air presses
5x decline merkins with feet on the wall; into balls to wall; walk back down to ledge for as many decline merkins that you can do (~ 5 before blood rushes to head to the point of passing out)

Dean Smiths aka 4-Corners aka 17’s: LBC & Merkins

Strawberry takes last 10 minutes:
2 x suicides; 1x suicide running backwards (should we call that a backside suicide?)
Circle up for Mary: Dolly x 40

Puppy Love led bicycle x 30

Thank gosh it’s over!


Heartbreaker wore us out today. YHC forgot my own name at COT and said that I was he. #embarrassing but understandable after his Dean Smith aka 4 Corners aka 17’s led beatdown. Love that workout and hate it at the same time (shout out to Chelms aka tater tot for bringing it to this AO). Iron definitely sharpens iron. YHC mopped up the last 10 minutes with some running and Mary. Puppy love finished us all off with his killer bicycle work (never cycling with that guy! #leftbehind in 1st 5 minutes). Heartbreaker is finding his groove in leading – everyone is welcome to volunteer him for more leads! It was a pleasure and an honor being able to take us out in prayer.

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