#F3Swift Preblast – High Speed Pyramid

  • When:12/09/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: If you want to PR or finish the Joe Davis Run, you have to start running hard!

#F3Swift Preblast – High Speed Pyramid

Swift will launch at 0515 on Tuesday from the Vine Restaurant parking lot.

Starting Week 2 / 6 for the Joe Davis Run training, we’ll be building on the same Repetition pace (1 mile race pace) as last week by adding a tad bit of distance for one of the intervals.  Each interval will have equal jogging recovery = 4x200m, 2×400, 800, 2×400, 4×200 (may alter based on time).

Find your workout pace here.  Note: use a recent race result, not your “goal” race result.  The goal is to finish the 800m at your workout pace.  Some PAX may #SplashMerlot, but this week is necessary for next week’s #3Puppets workout.

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9 years ago

Okay, so riddle me this: my two latest races were a charity 5k in early Sept. and the mile time trial. They yield Rep paces 35 seconds apart.

What I will probably do is just run with my hair on fire until I fall apart and analyze the data afterwards. But what should I be shooting for?

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