Back in the saddle…

  • When:12/05/14
  • QIC: Hairband
  • The PAX: The Late Show, Glass Joe, Ice9, Hairband (QIC)

Back in the saddle…

Not going to lie, I ate a lot and not a lot of working out since the holiday. I missed last Friday so it was good to be back and time to burn off that food!

SSH X 20
IW X 20
Merkins X 10

 Elbow, um… Plerkins? X10 get in an elbow plank and push up to a full plank supposed to work triceps better and safer than dips… Supposedly.

The Thang!
Everyone line up,I will call the first exercise then the 1st PAX in line runs the hairband mile around the parkinglot while the rest of us do called exercise. When PAX returns he calls out an exercise for all to do and next PAX runs etc.

Exercises included:
A bunch of laps and LBCs, Merkins, Freddie Mercury, one leg squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Supine Pull Ups, Man Makers, Squats, Step ups, dips, and some other stuff I can’t remember.

Enough of that, follow me to the hill!
Backpedal up the hill, 3 burpees at the top x 3 rounds
Backpedal up the hill, 10 squats at the top x 3 rounds

Flutters, Rosalita, Dollys and done!

My phone said around 49 degrees but I was thinking it felt colder out, when I pulled up to the school it all made sense… Fellow F3Unionco/Metro brother Ice9 was there to get a little beatdown in before sitting on a flight to see family up north.

Great time this morning and good to burn off the lingering calories from all the turkey leftovers everyone probably ate during the week.

Keep telling friends and lets continue to grow the Union region!

Charlotte Rescue Mission is taking clothes now, Drop Thrill offered to Q that. There is also a coat drive going on, check preblasts on the site for further info.

Always an honor to lead!


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