Addition by Subtraction

  • When:12/06/14
  • QIC: Runstopper, Hops, Mall Cop
  • The PAX: Tootie, Tiger Rag, Flipper, Gummy, Taffy (WB), Deadlift, Stone Cold, Hopper, Cable Guy, Lex Luthor (LIFO..and that's really an understatement), Runstopper, Hops, Mall Cop

Addition by Subtraction

The Shovel Flag was planted, and 10, no wait – there’s #11 Deadlift; so 11 took off following Runstopper to the COP.  #12 Tootie joined us a minute or so into COP…which ended up being the entirety of Runstopper’s 20 minutes…which was actually about 13 minutes.

The Thang:

SSH x25 IC
Burpee x20 OYO
Mountain climbers x25 IC
Mirkens x20 IC
Burpees x15 OYO
Imperial walker x25 IC
Burpees x10 OYO
Wide Arm Mirkens x15 IC
Burpees x5 OYO
Diamond Mirkens x10 IC
Hand Release Mirkens x20 IC
Jog from launch lot to base of NorthFace
20 Slow Squats IC
Scale NF
Lap around cypress trees and back to bottom of NF
1 Legged Squat x 10R
1 Legged Squat x 10L
Scale NF
Scale NF
Indian Run to lot near the soccer fields/pavilion
Plank walk 2 lines, sprint to median and back
Plank walk 4 lines, sprint to median and back
Plank walk 6 lines, sprint to median and back
Plank walk 8 lines, sprint to median and back
Jog to pavilion
People’s Chair
Overhead press x 20
People’s Chair – Frankenstein x 45 sec.
To the picnic tables
20 jump ups, 10 step ups L, 10 step ups R
15 jump ups, 5 step ups L, 5 step ups R
10 jump ups, 5 step ups L, 5 step ups R
Mall Cop:
Partner Up for Granny Ab work
Mosey to pitch for:
Flutter x 20 – run to top of hill – Dolly x 20 – all of this x3
Run back to launch lot for the following or something like it (MC didn’t send his regimen and I frankly can’t remember)
CCV x 13L IC
CCV x 13R IC
Jack Webb up to 10 Merkins and 40 Overhead Presses
Rosalita x 25?  …really just guessing here – no idea
Ye Olde Moleskine:
We eventually got to 13 pax at The Rock today when Lex Luthor showed up with just a few minutes to go.  Allegedly he was on his way to work, and saw the arms raising during Jack Webb (from Rt. 51) and decided to get a little pain in before some Saturday office time.  Latest LIFO in the 2+ year history of The Rock.
Good work by the pax.  As the last Saturday for Mall Cop, Runstopper & YHC as site Q’s – we decided to split the Q duties among the 3 of us.
As for The Rock going forward – it is in great hands.  We passed the SF to the very capable hands of Hopper & Gummy.  Excited to see what lies ahead for Area 51’s best AO.  Rumor has it – there may be a bit more focus on running and less focus on burpees?
The Rock turned the page to a new chapter, but the final chapter was familiar with Jack Webb, lots of burpees,& a trip to North Face.  Also – Runstopper wore his tights with no shorts, of course; and MC gave his familiar pre-workout disclaimer that he may struggle as he once again forgot his inhaler……and all was well and right in the world at The Rock.
Sign-up for Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run – 5K and/or 10K

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8 years ago

Great Q you three! Thanks for the kind words about the site Q transition, Hops. Gummy and I will try to make you three proud, albeit we have big shoes to fill. One change for certain at The Rock going forward will be Runstopper MUST wear shorts over his running tights…’s too early for that attire, man. I would invoke a 50 burpee penalty, but we all know that would only encourage the tights, not deter.

Thanks again for the faith on the transition Hops, MC and Runstopper! It will be fun!

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