GIANT JENGA – Tryon Hits Grand Slam at AG Middle School

  • When:12/3/2014
  • QIC: Tryon and 2.0 (Co-Q's),
  • The PAX: Tryon and 2.0, Barracuda, Cadillac, Barnabus, Chelms, Senior Chips, Backup, Rev Florida, Chicken Coop

GIANT JENGA – Tryon Hits Grand Slam at AG Middle School

Nine men of purpose and over 30 young boys gathered for a game of GIANT Jenga (considering sumbission to Guinness book of world record for largest Jenga game ever)

Jenga stacks with Shovel flag
The Thang:

Circle up (figuratively) with the boys.   First item of business was for Backup to show the kids the Billingsville shovel flag and let them know he would make a shovel flag for them with a design they created. Barrcuda explained why F3 has shovel flags.   On the fly, we selected one of the boys who stepped up to lead the design effort  #futureleader.

Jenga - Kids and pax

Main event – Tryon and his 2.0 Paige arrived early to set up the Giant Jenga sets and we divided the boys into four teams.

  • First activity was to knock down the tower and work together to re-assemble with a member of the PAX providing guidance.  All the teams did a great job of working together to re-assemble.

Tryon and 2.0 - Jenga

  • Next was the main event – play the game to create the tallest tower by removing pieces from tower and stacking on top.   Each team member rotated and all four teams did a great job of staying focused on the task at hand with assistance from a member of the pax (Cadilac – Team 1, Senior Chips – Team 2, Barracuda – Team 3, and David Price – Team 4).  Team 3 was the winner.

Cadillac with kids - Jenga

Senior Chips - Jenga
T-claps to Barnabus for being the event photographer.

Not only did Tryon lead this effort, he (or more likely his 2.0) created the awesome video.   Cannot give him enough props for the idea and the follow thru on this activity.  He set the bar really high for the rest of us (#ISIS).  Rev Florida has next week and everyone knows he has the creative talents to make a run at the bar Tryon set.

Announcement – Please consider making donation to F3 Foundation (go to Foundation page at for pay-pal link) to support holiday parties at Billingsville and AG Middle School.



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Kickin Chicken
Kickin Chicken
9 years ago

Awesome job Fellas very creative and the video is amazing.

Ann & Hope
Ann & Hope
9 years ago

Aye. Way to regroup and lead. Well done.

Senor Chips
Senor Chips
9 years ago

Chelms should be given plenty of credit! And Tryon knocked this one out of the park!
Lots of fun for the adults and kids alike.

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