DDs strikes again!

  • When:12/3/14
  • QIC: DDs
  • The PAX: Baracus, Ichabod, Header, Dick Clark, Tantrum, 50 Shades, Tesla, Blue Rhino, Huddle, Tubby (FNG Mike G.), Bridges, John Deere, DDs

DDs strikes again!

The weather was much improved this morning vs. last week’s deluge at The Charge.  It was still a little wet, but with temperatures in the mid/high 40’s nobody was complaining.  The VSF was planted (when are we getting a real one?), and DDs got right to it!


Mosey round the lower school parking lot with high knees, heels to butts, side steps, backward job, Karaoke, zig-zag shuffle.

Mosey to upper campus along the way single leg lunges forwards, and backwards.

Mosey to bball court for COP

  • X20 SSH
  • X20 Imperial Walker
  • X20 LBCs
  • X20 Monkey Humpers
  • X20 Mountain Climber
  • X10 Peter Parker
  • X10 Parker Peter
  • X10 Mercins

Mosey to the half wall a few yards away

  • X10 step ups
  • X10 Dips
  • X10 Decline Mercins
  • People’s Chair 45 secs
  • Balls to Wall 30 secs
  • X15 step ups
  • X15 Dips
  • X15 Decline Mercins
  • People’s Chair 60 secs
  • Balls to Wall 45 secs

Mosey back thru Lower school to Bear Crawl Ally!

  • Bear crawl slalom thru the yellow cones
  • Crab Walk slalom thru the yellow cones

Mosey to Stadium

200 yd sprint with single exercise called by each PAX member (pax calling exercise sprints while rest of pax performs exercise).  Here is what was called to the best of my recollection (sound off in comments if you remember any of the rest):

  • Monkey Humpers
  • Molotov Merkins
  • Jump squats
  • 1 legged alternating burpees
  • LBCs
  • Flutter
  • burpees
  • hand release merkins
  • 10 yd suicide sprints
  • what else?

Finish it off

  • 100yd backward sprint
  • 100yd jail break
  • COT in parking lot


  • DDs took us on a nice tour of the PDS campus today.  As expected he worked in nice healthy doses of burpees, bear crawls, and crab walks.  Unfortunately for him we ran out of time before he could work in the “crab-barrows” again.  He had them on the agenda, but plans to pick up right where we left off next week.
  • Welcome Header, site FNG!  Glad you could join us for the first time at The Charge.  I wonder what other road show stops you’ve made this week on your tour to drum up attendance for the TR burpee show at Joust on Friday.
  • Welcome Tubby (FNG Mike G)!  Glad to have you out there today, and hope we see you again soon!


  • Convergence Saturday 7am at Christ Church – Cherokee, Core, Silver Bullet converging
  • Trinity Presbyterian campus clean up at 8:30
  • Joust on Friday – Charlotte Christian – come see Tiger Rag do 175 burpees as a result of #ShoeRedemption challenge
  • Pray for families who lost children in Tennessee schoolbus accident
  • Metro Christmas Party on Friday, 12/5 6:30pm at the Visualite – see website

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