• When:12/1/14
  • QIC: Freyleys Comet
  • The PAX: Mighty Mite, Rock Thrill, Lugie, Pebbles, Filmont, Rip Curl, Soft Pretzel, Outback, Icky Shuffle


After 5 years of suffering through painful losses to the Gamecocks, finally a Monday morning workout wasn’t so bad. Congrats and thank you to my fellow F3 brothers and Gamecock friends for being great sports over the years…well last year anyway since most of us have only been in F3 for a couple of years at most. Anyway, on the details:

Warmup: SSH X 20, Imperial Walker X 20, Merkins X 15 + Mountain Climber X 15 + Merkins X 10; Squats X 20

Workout; Stayed in circle and conducted multiple exercises while holding the kettel bells for 15 minutes without touching the ground.  3 sets of 6 different exercises: 2 Hand Swings X 20, Curls X 15, tricep extensions x 15, squats with upright row x 15, squat curl press X 10 (each arm), abs X 20 (LBCs, Dolly w/KB press, Fltter w/KB press). 

After 15 minutes and 18 sets were completed, we went around the circle where each of the PAQ  called out an exercise for 10-15 reps all with kettel bells: close grip merkins (hands on kettel bells), deck squats (5 reps), bent over rows, 9 count squats, curls, overhead presses, 6 inches with overhead tri-cep extensions. russian dead lifts, LBCs.  Mosey to school building wall for people’s chair for 3 sets of 1 minute each while conducting exercises of 15 reps: curls, upright row, overhead presses.

Returned to circle formation for Mary all with kettel bell: LBC’s. dying cock roaches, mason twist, flutter press, dolly.  Finished with a lap around the parking lot carrying kettel bells and various merkins at 4 stations 10 reps each. right arm on KB, left arm on KB, close grips (both hands on KB), partner hand slap merkins.

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