The few, the proud….

  • When:11/28/14
  • QIC: Brushback
  • The PAX: Flutie Flakes, Frazier, Haggis, Bushwood, Bout Time, Hannibal, Jamboree, Brushback (QIC)

The few, the proud….

This small but determined crew wouldn’t let overindulgence and sloth take its grip. The holiday season won’t be making us softies! We proceeded to get an upper body pump and keep on the move.

10 Hand release burpees OYO…follow me!


SSH x 25 (IC)

Diamond Merkins x 13 (IC)

IW x 20 (IC)

Wide Merkins x 13 (IC)

10 HR burpees OYO

Follow me…fast mosey across street to parking lot by Jack in the Crackbox

The Thang:

Partner up: size matters somewhat but since this was a veteran crew with equal strength and speed didn’t really matter. To note; Bout Time is relatively new but can bring it for sure.

  • Partner 1 25 sit-ups while Partner 2 planks on feet (flapjack)
  • Partner 1 25 derkins on planked Partner 2 (flapjack)
  • Repeato x 15
  • 10 HR burpees OYO

Follow me…fast mosey down 51 to greenway at the pull-up bars and find partner.

  • Partner Combo work: combine for 100 pull-ups and 50 HR burpees
    • break it down with partner 1 doing 10 pull-ups while partner 2 does 5 HR burps (flapjack)
  • Plank-o-rama: LHH, LLH, RHH, RLH, 6 inches – 10 count Bushwood, 10 count Frazier
  • CDD ladder to 10 with partner: 1,1,2,2,3,3…….10,10

Follow me…fast mosey back up to CCH…to benches

Bench set: leg work

  • 20 jump-ups
  • 20 sumo jump squats
  • repeato x 15


  • Circle up for Ring of Fire: pax planked in circle, 1 pax runs around circle and re-planks, repeat until all have run
  • Flutter x 25 (IC)
  • LBC x 20 (IC)
  • Dolly x 20 (IC)
  • To finish it off 10 HR burpees OYO

Tally: 147 merkins (counting CDD); 65 HR burpees; 50 pull-ups; approx 1.8 miles


It was a tough morning to make it out being the day after Thanksgiving and that it was again in the mid-20s. Solid work by a veteran pax.  I hope it was worth making it out of the fartsack.  No complaining, just work by this crew.

Honor and a privilege to lead these men and at one of the best AOs. Aye!

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Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

Thanks for leading Brushback. Sounds like you maintained our high standards with a solid plan. I have no excuse other then I knew Centurion was in good hands.

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