Dry Rub

  • When:11/28/14
  • QIC: Bulldog and Stagecoach
  • The PAX: GAAP (Joust FNG) , Gummy, Sanka, Splinter, Jeff B. (FNG-Dry Rub), Blue Rhino, Oswald, Superstar, Grady, Iccabod, Sussudio, Hops, Geraldo, Floor Slapper, Spackler, Young Love, Beaver, Voodoo, Tiger Rag, Kimpossible, Uncle Leo, Mr. Brady (LIFO), Bulldog, Stagecoach

Dry Rub

The VSF was planted and 24 men gathered on this cold morning.  The day started with stories of yesterday’s EPIC A51 Turkey Bowl and discussion of how sore everyone is following that game.

10 Hand Release Burpees OYO (Audible – eveyone does HR burpees until Spackler does 10…#refusenick)

Jog to other end of parking lot

10 Double Burpees OYO

Jog to top of stadium stairs

10 Diamond Burpees OYO

Jog to mid-field


  • 10 1 legged burpees (R)
  • SSH x 31
  • 10 1 legged burpees (L)
  • IW x 29

Form two lines facing each other

Line of Pain (LOP):

  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Plank Walk x 20 yards
  • Nipplers x 20
  • Plank Walk other way x 20 yards
  • Mountain Climbers x 20

Break into 6 groups of 4 and mosey to base of stadium steps.  Each group takes one aisle. 1 pax completes stair exercise while other 3 pax perform called exercise.  Rotate until all pax have done stairs.

  • Rd. 1 – Stair sprints x 3; LBC’s
  • Rd. 2 – Hop on 1 foot x 2; Derkins
  • Rd. 3 – Side Steps (Karaoke) x 4; Heels to Heaven
  • Rd. 4 – Stair Sprints x 3 (all at once)

Hand off to Bulldog.

Partner up on goal line. Partner 1 sprint to 10 yard line/1 burpee and sprint back to partner. Partner 2 sprints to 20 yard line/ 2 burpees and sprint back to partner. Increase up to 100 yards and 10 burpees.
Active recovery: wheel barrow partner and merkin every 5 yards til failure. Flap jack and partner comes back.
Mosey to track and partner up according to speed. Race 200 yards opposite ways around track. Loser 10 diamond merkins winner 5. Repeato back opposite direction.

Peoples chair with air presses x 20.

Derkins on wall x 5 in cadence.

Peoples chair with air presses x 15.

Nipplers x 15 in cadence.

Mosey to playground.

Partner 1 touch blue door Partner 2 pull-ups. Flapjack.

Repeat with dips.

Three mins of Mary.

Fast mosey back to cars for COT.

Ye Ole Moleskin:

  • Some early grumbling about the excessive burpees before COP.  Calls for SSH were heard.
  • Great work by all on the stairs today.  Hopping on 1 leg is tougher than it sounds.
  • Stagecoach and Susudio got a little too close on the wheelbarrows. Almost looked like cojoined twins.  YHC knew the pax would not overlook that.
  • Some mumblechatter about the burpee suicides. YHC forgot gridiron numbers didn’t go up to 100. Pax trying to go back down after 50 yd line.
  • 200 yard sprints were lung busters – helped if you cheated a little especially against flyers like Splinter.
  • Hats off to Dry Rub for a strong FNG showing.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Based on Twitter chatter yesterday, you didn’t stand a chance on your nickname. It was aleady predetermined for the next FNG.


  • Area 51 Christmas party next Saturday 12/6.  Registration is closed but contact Prohibition if still interested…might be available space.
  • Metro Christmas party is Friday, 12/5.  See website for details.





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9 years ago

Great lead Stagecoach and Bulldog and I’m definitely feeling it today. Glad to meet some more of the Area51 Pax and thanks for offering “Holiday Hours”. Nice AO and hope to be back one Friday down the road. Aye!

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