#F3Dromedary – and why would we not?

  • When:11/26/2014
  • QIC: Stump Hugger
  • The PAX: Bananas, Hot Pants, Stump Hugger (QIC)

#F3Dromedary – and why would we not?

Partner Work

3 PAX posted in the 2nd worst day at the new AO. I knew that without a doubt I would not be alone in soggy wet cold this morning. We just need 2 or more to make it a PAX.

The Thang:

Mosey around the parking lot stop half way for the COP
SSH  X 25
MC X 15

Mosey to find a nice incline in the parking lot. Partner up
Partner 1 – Runs the hill
Partner 2 – LBC’s until P1 returns
Partner 1 – Runs the hill
Partner 2 – Stump Huggers until P1 returns

Mosey over to hill by stadium: (step in as many puddles as you can)
Bear Crawls up hill run down X 5

Mosey to middle school to find shelter:
Circuit work:
Dips X 25
Burpee X 1
Dips X 25
Burpee X 2
Dips X 25
Burpee X 3
Dips X 25
Burpee X 4
Dips X 25
Burpee X 5
Bananas called for 5 rounds of:
20 Step ups
5 Derkins

3 Lil Indian Run around school (get lost – AO is freakin huge)
Stop off for some LBC’s X 25
Stump Huggers X 5

Circle up for 6MOM (PAX choice in Candence)
Prisoner’s Squats

Good work out there today. Lots of second F the only way to keep it going. The quote of the day belongs to Bananas. YHC did some recon work over the weekend and found a nice steep hill by the locked stadium.  At the site of the hill Bananas asked what would we be doing? Bear Crawls I answered! Bananas says “and why would we not?”

Hot Pants Veteran Marine will not disappoint.  I knew he would be out there this morning and no complaints would be had by YHC or Bananas.  A day like today is one in which deep down you look forward to posting because you know your F3 brothers are looking for you.  Strong work by Hot Pants makes YHC work harder. Plus I find out today we live in the same hood.

YHC came up with an ignorant exercise called “Stump Huggers” and yes it’s official.  See F3 Exercises to read all about it. These were crowd pleasers especially on the cold asphalt. It was an honor to lead this morning and close us out.

Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!






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8 years ago

Great job Stump Hugger. No excuses taken for light rain in F3. It’s not cold you fartsackers, it’s #invigorating.

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