Why does Raintree go uphill no matter what way you run?

  • When:11/25/14
  • QIC: Alf
  • The PAX: Turkey Leg, Mr. Brady, Slim Fast (WD), Hopper, Purple Haze, Prohibition, About Time, Geraldo, Good Hands, and Alf (Q)

Why does Raintree go uphill no matter what way you run?

10 PAX came out on a fantastically warm late November morning to work off some calories in an effort to make room for extra turkey.  YHC was in the mood for some good ol’ fashion running and so the Weinke was terribly simple and simply terrible at the same time.

The Thang:

Mosey down 51 to Raintree Ln.  Stop off in the field for:

  • Disclaimer x 1
  • SSH x 25 IC
  • IW x 24 IC
  • Slow Squats x 25 IC

The genius road engineers of the 1960’s made Raintree Ln almost an exact 2.5 kilometers.  So let’s start with a straight out and back 5K run, nice and simple with no turns to get lost on, and only a few hills.  When finished complete 50 flutters (per leg) and run back to pick up the six and finish with them.

Mosey down the road to the ABC lot where the PAX were hoping for a post 5K drink.  No such luck at 6am.  So partner up with the fastest PAX from the 5K paired with the slower PAX.

P1 Runs parking lot lap ~200M

P2 Runs hills from parking lot to sidewalk.

Flapjack and repeat until each team does 20 hill climbs.

Standard Fast Twitch Indian run back to school with a stop off for LBC’s x 35 IC.


YHC threatened to reuse some bad ideas from previous workouts on Twitter last night.  Then in the midst of planning I got a new one.  Purple Haze said at the beginning he was hoping we didn’t do the Long Distance Starfish again, maybe he’s second guessing that now.

Turkey Leg, Brady, and Slim Fast had a good 100 yard lead on the PAX at the Providence Road turn.  That seemed to widen considerably on the way back as they were lost in the darkness.  Strong running.  I believe About Time made his FNG post at Fast Twitch and killed it.  Hanging with Purple Haze for the 5K.  Keep coming back.  This workout will keep you warm all winter.

Solid determination by Geraldo and Good Hands for grinding out what has to be a harder 5K route than you’ll find in any regular official 5K race.

The Indian Run back was one of the fastest paces we set out there in a while.  Maybe the flat straight run lent itself to speed.  Nice finish.

Total distance was right at about 6 miles according to the magic NSA satellites watching every move we made out there.  #Solid

Thanks to Brady for the send off and for Hopper sending prayers to Ferguson, MO.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.



Football convergence on Thursday AM.  Hard Commit today.

Eat Turkey Thursday.

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9 years ago

The lineup at Skunkworks looked like a Fast Twitch recovery group. I won’t name names, but I was flanked by two FT regulars, and there were many more. I miss the pain though, so I’ll be back out there once I get through this foot injury. It will be terrible since I haven’t been much, so I got that going for me.

Reply to  Alf
9 years ago

They are two of the hardest and my favorites. The difference is that at Skunkworks, when Busch says to do 30 merkins for the 20th time, I can just do 5 and then “modify”. When you find yourself on Providence Road with 15 minutes to get back to SCMS, there’s no hiding at Fast Twitch. And it’s an hour. And it starts earlier.

Slim Fast
9 years ago

My favorite was Alf after COP… “Next exercise is… The 5k”… very creative and you’re right, a new idea on top of a lot of bad ones!!

Great Q, Alf!!!

Also, great to have About Time out for his FNG to Fast Twitch.

Geraldo and Good Hands did awesome… I get to keep seeing both of these guys get faster and stronger! Excellent work!

Everyone have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving… we do have a TON to be thankful for!

Reply to  Slim Fast
9 years ago

Slimfast thanks, this was a tough one for sure and I appreciate the support of the PAX.

Alf- Nice Q, simple and challenging 5K route.

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