Cinderblock Slosh

  • When:11/24/14
  • QIC: O'Tannenbaum
  • The PAX: Wabbit, Back Office, Franks, Uncle leo, Alf, Turkey Leg, Lobster roll, O'Tannenbaum (Q)

Cinderblock Slosh

Posted on behalf of O’Tannenbaum

  • Jog to cinderblock stack and transport to lower parking lot
  • warm up with SSH, IW x 25
  • Cumberland County x 10 on each side
  • Windmill X 15
  • Running across pkg lot with high knee, shuffles, butt kicks and lunges
Begin round of “1621” Team reps (1621 represents the year that thanksgiving began):
500 LBCs followed by a lap around the islands
400 squats with block and a lap
300 bench press with block and a lap
200 military press with block and a lap
100 decline merkins/dips
75 triceps with block
Return blocks and slosh to finish….Great job, thanks for support!
We didn’t make it to 1621, because of time….we had 46 reps to go and we were 3 minutes over.
– O’Tannenbaum

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