Stay Dry. Feel the burn.

  • When:11/24/2014
  • QIC: Mighty Mite
  • The PAX: Rip Curl, Outback, Frehley's Comet, Mighty Mite(QIC)

Stay Dry. Feel the burn.

4 pax either didn’t realize that YHC was on Q or wanted to take advantage of the unseasonably warm Monday morning.

The Thang

Warm up lap around the parking lot with some karoke and back pedal sprinkled in.


SSH X  20

IW X 20

Merkins X 20

Side Lunge X 20

Pick up bells and mosey to the bus parking lot/basketball courts on the far side of the school.

2 handed swing/curl ladder.

Run w/ bell to the far side of the parking lot and complete 60 2 handed swings.  Run back to the start and do 10 curls.  Next set, do 50 swings and 20 curls.  Keep going until the last set, which was 10 swings and 60 curls.

People’s chair holding the bells for 30 seconds at waist level, 30 seconds at chest level, 30 seconds above our heads.  Repeato X 3.  One for each wall between the far parking lot and the launch point.

Circle up for Pax choice Mary:

LBC X 20

Greg Louganis X 20

Protractor led by Rip Curl

Rosalita X 20

Russian Twist X 10

Man Maker Merkins w/ KB X 20

COT- Prayer led by FC


YHC can’t figure out why so few pax made it out of the fartsack this morning.  It was the first time in weeks that it was warm enough to comfortably post in shorts.  Perhaps several of the regulars are traveling already this week for the holiday.

The Swing/Curl ladder was a true test of the pax grip strength.  Both swings and curls require a firm lock on the weight and the “rest” time includes running across the parking lot with the KB.  YHC felt several arms and shoulders shaking during the COT.

Rip Curl was a monster during the Swing/Curl Ladder.  YHC was smoked and RC still finished a minute or two before the rest of the pax.

YHC had originally planned to do some hill work but thought the better of it after yesterday’s monsoon.  #safetyfirst

As always, it is an honor to lead such a great group of men.  I look forward to seeing everyone out in the gloom sometime soon.



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Honey Bee
9 years ago

Looks like a great lead. I am now upset that I worksacked and missed it.

Since the new sleeveless Area51 shirt will be out soon, I will need to sharpen the iron with you again real soon.

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