Taste of the Twitch

  • When:11/21/14
  • QIC: Turkey Leg
  • The PAX: Fletch, Alf, Heartbreaker, Geraldo, Horsehead, Beaker, Big League Chew, Radar, Crab Cake, Simba, Strawberry, Sussudio, Cottontail, Tiger Rag, Beaver, The Boss, Turkey Leg

Taste of the Twitch

17 yobs who missed Fast Twitch this week got a taste of our running workout today.

The Thang:

Run to lower parking lot for COP

  • SSHx20
  • Squatx20
  • IWx20

Run to NW entrance, start counter-clockwise ring run around campus.  Stop 2x for 20 merkins each.

Branch off mid-way for gassers; 8x gassers (~50yds each)

Return to ring run around campus.  Stop 3x for 20 merkins each.

Plank-o-rama at NE entrance.

Run back towards Church, stopping off in woods to gather a running rock.

Line up in front of church, partner-up.  Partner 1 runs around clockwise, carrying rock.  Partner 2 runs counterclockwise.  Wherever partners meet stop and do partner exercise.  15x hand-slap merkins.  Repeat above, with 20 derkins instead of hand-slap merkins.

Miscellaneous Mary while waiting for others to finish.

Line up in lot.  Partner 1 runs suicide up to top of hill.  Partner 2 does rock exercises: curls, presses, triceps extensions.  Flapjack.

Return rocks back in woods.

Regroup at NE entrance.  Catch me if you can w/10 merkins: ring run clockwise around campus to NW entrance.   Regroup for mary while others arrive.

Line up for all-you-got back to launch point.



  • Lots of mumble-chatter in COP today… seemed to die down once we got through a couple gassers.
  • Radar risked egging on the Q, daring him to continue the gassers for the remainder of the workout.  Almost considered it, but decided to have a little mercy.  That has not gone well for others (see @PurpleHazeF3).
  • Apparently Tiger Rag missed the call about a “running rock” by the size of the boulder he had in hand for the run around the church;  also heard some noise about him losing his partner Radar on the catch-me-if-you-can.  May need to take it easy on those running rocks in the future.
  • Thanks for Cottontail for taking us out in COT.
  • Always an honor to lead the fine men of F3.  @BulldogF3 – thanks for the opportunity.


  • Christmas party Dec 9; sign-up still possible on the website
  • Custom Go Ruck signups open now




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9 years ago

I didn’t lose my partner. He hid in the woods and giggled as I ran by.

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