A Change in the Cards

  • When:11/20/2014
  • QIC: Brown
  • The PAX: Bulldog, Harley, Reshard, Chico, Spackler, Iron Horse (WD), Good Hands, Queen, Lost Weekend, Huggy Bear, Velvet, Gecko

A Change in the Cards

13 men were intrigued to find out what a meathead was doing at a boot camp workout. We worked out in a circle, ran a football field, and even lifted some iron. Here’s how it went down:




SSH x 30

IW x 25

100 yard sprint and back  (I promise it happened)

The Thang:

Mosey to the football field. Circle up. Kettlebells in the middle of assorted weights. Two stacks of cards in the middle of the circle. One stack for the pax, the other stack for the individual. Each pax member enters the middle of the circle. Turns over card for them to perform, and then turns over card for pax to perform until that person is complete with their exercise. The concept, to keep everyone moving and everyone honest. Here are the cards:



Wide Arm Merkins


Diamond Merkins

Shoulder Press


High Knees

Jack Merkins


6 Inches



20 Merkins

100 yard sprint and back

30 Tricep Extension

30 CDD

40 Merkins

10 Snatches

50 Mtn Climbers

50 Squats

10 Man Maker Merkins

10 Heavy Swings

20 Swings

20 Jump Squats

15 Burpees

Halfway through, we audibled and ran football field suicide sprint. (I happened, I promise)


Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary

LBC x 30

Rosalita x 20

Dolly x 20




Great job out there by everyone given the structure change in the workout. As usual, once the pax understood their orders, everyone dug in and got to work. We all were at the mercy of the draw of the cards and ended up doing quite a bit of merkins in plenty of variations. Some of the pax got a first opportunity to use the kettlebell and find new muscles they didn’t know they had. T-Claps to Bulldog who showed up, Q jacked the weinke at one point, at the pax’s expense, and for his constant mumble chatter for 45 minutes straight. Always like your spirit! Thanks again for allowing me to lead such a great group of men.


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9 years ago

Nice lead and change up is good. We like to mix it up at hydra and go with what Q’s got. Brown you brought it. Bulldog, great to have you stop by. See some of the usual cast of characters and glad to see lost weekend , Chico, velvet 3 straight weeks. Harley has been making a regular appearance and glad to have some great attendance as we get gloomier, darker, and colder.

Convergence this week back at olde providence all Thursday sites coming to OP AO. Spackler and Brown on Q for some version of turkey bowl at 0630!

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