Freezing at The Maul

  • QIC: Chipolte
  • The PAX: Mic Check, Loogie, Mighty Mite, Madame Tussaud, Puppy Love, Big Tuna, Long Haul, Screech, Philmont, Wingman, Morning Star, Duncan, Fraiser, Pop, Chipolte

Freezing at The Maul

freezing cold
Yeah it was cold but 15 men decided to leave the comfort and warmth of their bed to stroll around Stonecrest.

The Thang:

Mosey over to Jersey Mike parking lot

15 x merkins
20 x SSH
10 x wide arm merkins
10 x IW

Mosey behind Shopping Center and alternated with bear crawls and run between speed bumps with 10 merkins in between

Mosey over to hill beside target for hill work. run up the hill and back down with 5 burpees at the bottom, back up/down hill with 4 burpees at the buttom…….repeat until one burpee at bottom

Mosey over to the fountains. Partner up…partner 1 runs around building while partner 2 does incline merkins (flap jack), round 2 squats, round 3 LBC’s

mosey over to Firebirds…partner up…partner 1 runs loop while partner 2 does merkins…flap jack until combined merkins reach 100

mosey over to hill behind Firebirds…plan was to run up/down with merkins on the bottom (5
,4,3,2,1) however i was winded and decided to call an audible after 3…..

mosey to the entrance of Stonecrest like we were going for a quick trip to Muderhorn, turned around back to the parking lot for marry.

25 x Russin Twist
10 x merkins
25 x heels to heaven
8 x merkins
30 x puppy loves (bicycles)
6 x merkins
30 x Rosailitas
10 x merkins

Great work by all today. Philmont was by far the best dressed today. He woke up and dressed for a rabbit hunt today, but decided to come workout instead. Always a pleasure leading.


Thank you Mic Check and Mighty Mite in getting the Maul started and leading for the past couple of years, due to new work schedules they are handing over the reins to Madame Tussaud and Fraiser. They are looking for those who have not Q’d to step up and lead a workout.


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