Return of the Lee 500

  • When:11/18/14
  • QIC: Lee
  • The PAX: Stinger, Wake Up Call, Slaughter, PBo, 20-20, Postfontaine, Laettner, Bushwood, Booty, Lee

Return of the Lee 500

10 men shook off the chill and got warmed up damn quick at Young Guns this morning.  Here is what we did:

The Thang: 

Mile loop to Memorial Stadium around upper Independence Park and down 7th Street, left on Charlottetowne, stopping at opposite turn of “speedway” from the Castle (next to CPCC buildings) on Charlottetowne, for the Lee 500, Young Guns Edition:

  • 20 Peter Parker Push Ups
  • 20 sumo jump squats
  • 20 supine “chain-link” pull-ups
  • 20 bicycles (double count…1,1,2,2,3,3)
  • 20 x-fit/hand-release burpees
  • After completing the 100 reps, run loop around Speedway (running away from the Castle) with each racer having to make 3 “pit stop” bear crawls between cross walk #5 (after Castle, next to tunnel going under Charlottetowne) & #6 (near the start/finish line)…marked with chalk.

Complete 5 rounds of the 100 reps and 5 laps around the Speedway (or until 6:08).

Run mile back home (#terrible)…or jailbreak to ETES parking lot if you didn’t complete your 5 rounds/laps until 6:08.

Naked Moleskin:

As Advertised.  We did this for the first time at Young Guns back in May and I thought the end of NASCAR season was a good opportunity to roll out the Lee 500 again.  Just like in May, it delivered again as it was #terrible from the cold start right to the very end.  I actually found myself “weaving” a bit on laps 4 and 5 around the stadium due to O2 deprivation.  #burpeedrunk?  T-claps to Stinger, Slaughter, Postfontaine and Laettner for coming out this morning after each completed the half marathon at Thunder Road.  Not exactly a “recovery” workout …

Awkward Award Ceremony.  The VT went to, uh, me this morning — as I was the only masochist who completed the full mile back to home base at the end.  Certainly helped that SFox, TML, Gandalf, Caesar, Team SouthBeach, STH and the other usual front-running suspects didn’t show.  #iamusually9th  But strong work all around by the Pax today:  I think everybody got their 500 reps in at least.  Also, t-claps to Bushwood for his first visit to Young Guns from South Charlotte.  We look forward to seeing you out here again soon.

#FOF.  As usual, Wake Up Call was knocking out picture perfect Peter Parker Push Ups and burpees this morning.  (My PPPUs were more like Peter Parkers with Little Baby Arm Bends by lap 3.  #oof)  When F3 decides to add videos to the exercise lexicon, we will need to consider WUC for the shoot  directed by The Cougar, I assume.

Shameless Plugs.  #SoleRedemption (  Slaughter is presenting the shoes this Saturday so come out to MIP if you can.  (Slaughter, can you send out a link to the new online sign-up sheet for MIP Qs below?)

Thanks to Gandalf and Caesar for the opportunity to lead this morning.


“If you don’t cheat, you look like an idiot; if you cheat and don’t get caught, you look like a hero; if you cheat and get caught, you look like a dope. Put me where I belong.”  —Darrell Waltrip 

“Delusions, errors and lies are like huge, gaudy vessels, the rafters of which are rotten and worm-eaten, and those who embark in them are fated to be shipwrecked.” —Buddha

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7 years ago

That was a honeydoodle of a noodle scratcher for me to figure out the strategery of the bear crawls when I could barely breathe. I opted for 1, 3, and 4. Brilliant methinks. But it still hurt really badly. Excellent Q work Lee.
Correction to your statement – I am but one attractive cog in the much larger machine that is #SoleRedemption and all are invited to present (and sort) shoes this Saturday at 10 AM. And we ALWAYS need participants and Qs for MIP Saturdays at 9. Sign-up link here.

7 years ago

That was horrible. I enjoyed it. Also, t-claps to Laettner (#dooksucks) who had to make an extra pit stop on the second lap to unload last nights dinner. It was nice of the construction guys to leave the port-o-john open for us.

Great Q Lee. I’ll be back to Young Guns.

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