The Charge! Shoes for Burpees

  • When:11/19/14
  • QIC: Booty

The Charge! Shoes for Burpees

Booty has the Q at “The Charge” on Wednesday, 11/19, at Providence Day School.  As usual, he will ensure the pax make a sufficient downPAINment.  But for Wednesday YHC (Baracus) is issuing a special challenge.

A few weeks ago I told the pax at the Charge AND announced to the Twitterverse that I would donate a pair of shoes for every FNG we got at the Charge until the SoleRedemption shoe collection drive was over on 11/22.  I upped the ante a couple weeks back by qualifying “site” FNG, but didn’t get the response I had hoped for (I’m an engineer not a marketer).  So here is one more push to bring out the pax AND the shoes to The Charge before the shoe drive is over.

  • For every pair of shoes that Baracus brings, add 5 burpees.
  • For every pax that posts on Wednesday, subtract 5 burpees.
  • For every pair of shoes donated by the rest of the pax, subtract 5 burpees.

Result is the number of burpees the pax must do.  If negative number, then just YHC does the burpees.

Either way….shoes get donated for Charlotte Rescue Mission AND we get a good workout!

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