Futbol Field Fun

  • When:11/14/14
  • QIC: Countertop
  • The PAX: Glass Joe, The Late Show, Steakum, Donut Hole, Hair Band, Turnpike, Countertop

Futbol Field Fun

7 PAX met in the gloom of Overdrive for a frosty beatdown

The Thang

HB mile around the parking lot

Warm- up COP
– SSH x25
-IW x25

Mosey side of school
– COP#2

Mosey around to the back of the school walk the rails hands and feet up three ramps back down the stairs plank and wait for your buddy.

Mosey into the gloom and over to the futbol field beside the Highschool for some partner drills. Drop any extra layers, pic a partner and line up on the field.  This is where the duration of the time and energy was spent.
-Partner 1 Misc lower body exercises’ (squats, in place lunges, squat jumps, pistol squats, dancing crab CDDs)
– Partner 2 Various sprints and crawls (karaoke, butt kickers, bear crawls, Kong crawls* )
– Partner Carry across the field x2
– 6plus MoM built in so we don’t ignore the core

Mosey back over to the parking lot for CoT

Moleskin:  Standard F3 beatdown. A fewfavorites emerged from tis am’s beatdown.  Walk the rails up the ramps is always a favorite.  Next week we’re installing a sign “This painstation not recommended for anyone under 6’5″ due to the exceptional distance between rails.”  This is a killer on the traps so our misguided QIC (YHC) declared audible @ 3/4 distance on last rail after reaching muscle failure.  Next on the list of top attractions were the Kong crawl and parnter supported squats.  You can always tell it’s a crowd pleaser based on the grumblings it brings from the PAX.  These two rated upper 20% and came up the following day’s beatdown.  As a results these stay  the the top of the WIB for future beatdowns.

T- Claps to The Men of Overdive for posting and suporting this beatdown.  Our Site Q’s are committed to making this a favorite on the weekly hit parade.   Those of you who are becoming regulars (Turnpike, Steakum, Donut Hole) keep on keepin’ on.  Bring a friend and share the fun.

Announcements:  Possible Convergence on Black Friday. More to come.  Keep an eye out and check in with Site Q’s (HB and GJ).

Thanks to all who have had Electric Slide and Drop Thrill’s  family’s in your thoughts and prayers.  ES’ wife is home and doing well and DT’s mom is out of the hospital and is making great progress.  This is great news on both counts.

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The Late Show
The Late Show
9 years ago

Great w/o! B/t the rail slides, Kongs and bear crawl my shoulders were nice and toasty.

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