#F3Swift – The folded Dandelion

  • When:11/11/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Flutie Flakes (Swift FNG), Haggis, Honey bee, Long Haul, Skywalker, Spinner, Bratwurst

#F3Swift – The folded Dandelion

7 SoB’s launched into the gloom at 0515 from the Vine Restaurant today.  Last week, we picked up an unsuspecting FNG, this week, we roped in one from the get-go.


  • 1.2mi Warm-up at 2nd F pace
  • 3min of high knees, butt kicks, A-skips, B-skips
  • 4 x 5minutes at Threshold Pace (find yours here http://runsmartproject.com/calculator)
  • 1.0mi Cool-down back to COT at 2nd F pace
  • Total miles – between 5 and 6

The Moleskin:

  • Here’s the Strava report – http://www.strava.com/activities/218049436/overview – What you will see is that this looks like a folded Dandelion.  You need a free login to view “Laps” that show where the Interval was run, for how long / how far, and what speed.
  • Honey Bee was between Taper and Workout mode today.  Getting roped into buddy-running the Thunder Road Half-marathon by your Father-in-Law makes sure you hold something out for this Saturday.
  • Haggis in full “I don’t want to screw this race up” mode.  Brought a tear to our eyes.  He’s so grown up now!  Usually, he would be pushing to the max.
  • LongHaul is on the shorter road to recovery.  Getting stronger each week, speedwork is his painkiller.
  • Skywalker joined the PAX for a 2nd week in a row and didn’t get lost this time!  We took the out, back, and around the Bull Ring loop this week.  Even still, YHC took a wrong turn on the return route.
  • Spinner is back now that the cool temps force him from his chosen implement of exercise.  The bike just isn’t so fun when the wind chill brings the temps down below freezing.  He’ll pack some extra coffee in a jug for leading the TR 13.1/26.2 on a bike this Saturday.  Just hit him up for it when he passes you on two wheels.
  • We couldn’t get Cam to join following his performance on MNF, Pretty Boy Quarterback is nowhere to be seen, so we got our friend Flutie Flakes to join as a FNG to Swift today.  Either an inquiry into Swift or mistakenly arriving 15 minutes early for Bagpipe.


  • Joe Davis Run – sign-up now!
  • Swift is looking for a guest Q next week.  In two weeks, we’ll start focused training for the Joe Davis Run 5K.  Hopefully, we’ll get more Bagpipers and SoBs to bite, for the focus will be short fast intervals.

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Flutie Flakes
9 years ago

Thanks Bratwurst for a good workout. Planned on doing Bagpipe but couldn’t resist the shaming to join in with you guys. I needed the mileage and got 5.6. And I didn’t embarrass myself too badly. See you next time I am in town on a Tuesday.

9 years ago

I hate taper!

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