Special Delivery

  • When:11/10/14
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Passport, Tawny, Insomniac, Dunder, Header, Freedom, Smash, Spinner, Strange Brew, Big Top, Simba, Marvel, Crawlspace, Morning Star, Cupid

Special Delivery

Sixteen men.got roughed up smoothing out the parking lot.


  • Slow Mosey
  • SSH x 20
  • Slow Mosey
  • IW x 20
  • Slow Mosey
  • Low Slow Squats x 20
  • Slow Mosey
  • Slow Merkins x 15
  • SPECIAL DELIVERY: Unload the TRuckster


Team up for Pair-burners

  • Hairburners and Merkins x 100/pair
  • Hairburners and Squats x 50/pai

Mosey with plates to bleachers

  • Pax 1 run to base of stairs and back / Pax 2 dips with plates – 2 rounds each
  • Pax 1 run to base of stairs and back / Pax 2 weighted lunge – 2 rounds each
  • Pax 1 run to top of stairs and back / Pax 2 flutter press with plate – 1 round each

Mosey to Start with plates

  • Burn hair to end of parking lot and back – flapjack as required
  • Inchworm to first BB goal and back – flapjack as required
  • Finisher: one armed or one leg hairburner to first BB goal and back OR standard hairburner to 2nd BB goal and back



  • Hairburners: What better way to spike the heart rate and save the joints at the same time?  Nice effort on what had to be one of the stickiest parking lots the plates have seen.  Butt down, hand way out in front and keep driving.  Simple, just not so easy.  Thanks to Dunder for Mifflin in the grass instead of on the plates. #BabyBirds
  • Lots of shoes collected this morning.  Kevlar is too far ahead to be caught, but Base Camp is making a strong play for second, even if they have to go past the deadline to do it.  There’s even asinine talk of trying to wrest away Kevlar’s crown, but only talk.  No one is willing to put their shirt sleeves where their mouth is.
  • Header, on the other hand, is resigned to consequences of his questionable gambling skills. And by “questionable” I mean awful.  The Sleeveless Winter bet wasn’t even his worst wager in the last month. Turns out he lost his Volvo betting arrival times at the USAir lounge last week, done in by a late arrival from Ithaca.  Then he went out and bought a Jeep.  Get help, man.
  • Always good to see Passport sporting the ninja mask at 39 degrees.
  • Simba pushing for a name change for our Belarussian (?) friend, Morning Star. Apparently the capital of Belarus is Minsk. Rochelle, Rochelle seems a likely candidate….
  • Thanks to Passport, Fireman Ed and the Base Camp Pax for having me out to Q today.


  • Sign up for the A51 Christmas Party by NOV. 21: http://f3nation.com/2014/11/07/area51christmasparty/
  • Sign up for the Joe Davis Run.
  • Last week for #SoleRedemption.  Get it done.
  • New Saturday Union Co workout launches this week:  The Commitment.  Ice 9 and Snowflake Site Qs.

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9 years ago

Did you type this out in your car? Strong to quite strong.

This morning’s workout was unsavory. I thought we were going to see a group merlot fest.

Rochelle Rochelle is hilarous and dude is strong, I think he could carry that weight.

Nice work TR.

9 years ago

Passport has a fancy word for that mask… Balaclava, or is it Baklava… the one you wear, not the one you eat.

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