Cotton Anniversay

  • When:11/10/14
  • QIC: Joker
  • The PAX: Dora, Alf, Uncle Leo, Turkey Leg, Gummy, Wrabbit, Harley, Franks, Back Office, Lobster Roll

Cotton Anniversay

11 men participated in the two-year anniversary workout at The Matrix. 

The Thang

Quick warm up… you know the drill… Imperial Walkers, Side Straddle Hop, Squats, Merkins and LBC

“Mini Murph” done in a partner format… everyone run one mile; then with your partner do a combined total of 100 pull ups, 200 merkins and 300 squats; everyone run another mile

Quick warm down… LBC, Flutter, Dolly, Mason Twist

30 burpees

40 squats



  • Since I can get pretty predictable when I lead workouts at McKee Road Elementary School I spent about five minutes planning for this morning’s workout… which is about five more minutes than normal for me… in hopes of mixing things up a bit.  I decided, with Veteran’s Day tomorrow, that it would be a good chance to do the Murph [or at least the modified Murph]. 
  • Great seeing Dora and Harley back at The Matrix this morning.  Lot’s of workout memories with those guys over the last couple of years. 
  • Good work by all this morning.
  •  Thanks to Alf and Uncle Leo for handing things over to me for the two-year anniversary workout.   

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9 years ago

Wait right there, mister. You’ve been pulling the Wooly Vest over our eyes the whole time and I am just now seeing it: Every workout you’ve ever led has been a mini-Murph–10 pull ups / 20 merkins / 30 squats.

Well, every workout but one. We shall not speak of that day.

9 years ago

I am just glad I was in Group 3 on the July 4th rotation. By then the PAX revolt on the Merkins while holding the partners feet during their sit-ups was called off. Not sure how that didn’t seem awkward on the draft of the Weinke in the first place.

A good Murph intro to some new PAX who haven’t had the pleasure yet.

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