Runnin’ with Rocks

  • When:11/07/14
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Horsehead, Young Love, Simba, Tackling Dummy, Heartbreaker, Tiger Rag, Alf, Susidio, Donkey Kong, Hicabod, Sanka, Birdman (FNG), Splinter

Runnin’ with Rocks

13 Pax forsook the fartsack and stumbled sleepy eyed into the Kevlar AO.


The Thang: Mosey around parking lot couple of times waiting for last minute arrivals.



10 Merkins IC

20 Mountain Climbers IC

20 Imperial Walkers (sort of in cadence…mumble chatter began)

10 Merkins IC

mosey to rock pile.  grab rocks and a partner.  mosey to back entrance to church.  Catch me if you can with rocks.

Partner 1 run with rock.

Partner 2 5 burpees or 10 merkins then run and catch.

Plank for active recovery by CDS sign.

Mosey to field with rocks.

Partner work continues.  cumulative exercises.  Partner 1 performs called exercise.  Partner 2 runs lap around gravel track.  LBC and Flutter kicks for groups finishing early as active recovery

Squats to 100

Curls to 100

Tricep extensions to 100

Merkins to 150 (mumble chatter…something about runstopper is not on Q)

Lunges to 100


Flutter kicks x 20

Freddie Mercury x 20

Old timey Sit ups x 20

Rosalita x 20


-Sign up for Christmas Party

-Tclaps for first timer Birdman, T claps to Heartbreaker for bringing out a co-worker and friend.


1.  YHC is out of shape.  TR was chasing YHC down on the laps. YHC was so gassed even the thought of injured pride losing a smoke book contest to TR, couldn’t motivate YHC into a higher gear.  Need to hit up FT and DT regularly.

2.  YHC had a harder workout planned, but changed it during the COP, to accommodate. Thus everything was planned on the fly.  Hope all still got their money’s worth.  The intended workout was hill sprints with rock work with partners and a longer catch me if you can.  It will be saved for future dates.  The track helped keep everyone together.

3.  Much respect to Susudio.  the man is a beast.  usually dominating the whipper snappers out there.

4.  T claps to Sanka and partner for using the man sized boulder.

5.  YHC aplogizes for the bad cadence on the imperial walkers.  Tclaps to ALF for the constructive criticism.  Also for the late bb posting (crazy last few days and weeks!)



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8 years ago

T claps on leading us through the strange.

Good luck with the smoke book contest. The Weber grill manual is pretty good, but a bit overrated IMO.

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