Who Let This Clown Q?

  • When:11/08/14
  • QIC: Drop Thrill
  • The PAX: High Tide, Dumpster Fire, FNG Chariots Of Fire (Alan Dellinger), Goon, Heisenberg, Moon River, Pele, Linux, Drop Thrill (QIC)

Who Let This Clown Q?


Nine super sluggers ascended, er, Ascent this morning for YHC’s sophomore Q.  Was there a sophomore slump? We shall see.

The Thang

The disclaimer was given and we were off.

Mosey to church across the street.
On the way to the back of the lot:

High Knees
Karaoke right
Karaoke left
Run backwards
Butt kickers
Karaoke right Karaoke left (Try not to run over each other.)

Time for COP (Time Cop?)

20 – SSH
20 – IW
10 – Merkins
20 – Squats
20 – LBC

Mosey to baseball fields (try not to get hit or attacked by dogs).
Find a field that isn’t already prepped for a game (my bad, extra mosey time Pax!)

Partner up for cumulative sets.  While not doing called exercise, run the perimeter of the baseball field.

100 – Squats
100 – Seal Jacks
100 – LBC
50 – Burpees

 Mosey towards the football field.

Ladder Of Doom – Climb and descend the ladder, reaching 40 total exercises of each of the following:

Step Ups
Star Jumps

Heading back to school:

Tunnel of Love (#crowdpleaser)
Native American Bear Crawl (also #crowdpleaser)

There’s Something About Mary

15 – Flutter kicks and dollys
25 – Russian Twists
15 – Freddie Mercury

People’s Chair
Feet On The Wall
People’s Chair

We had some time still to go, so:

15 Pullups
10 Merkins

Rinse and Repeat

Because I’m such a giver:

Protractor (again)
Write the alphabet with your pointed feet (not sure if we have a name for that)

And we’re done!

Semi-Naked Moleskin (It was cold out there!)

Welcome to FNG (Friendly New Guy) Chariots Of Fire who was #EH’d by Dumpster Fire.  Strong work out there brother.  Hope we’ll see you again next week.

Thanks High Tide for letting me come out and get my sophomore Q under my belt (or shorts I guess as it were).

Strong work by all the Pax on a very cold morning.  Warmed up nicely once we got moving though.

Don’t forget #SoleRedemption athletic shoe donations for Charlotte Rescue Mission
Registration for the Joe Davis Memorial Run in January (Info now on f3nation.com)
F3 Holiday Party! (Info now on f3nation.com)

Ascent was my first site I posted at back in March and I can’t help but find humor in the fact I resisted posting so long last winter because I thought it would be too cold to workout.  Then my first Q at Ascent, it’s 34 degrees.      It was an honor to lead, thanks brothers.

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Glass Joe
8 years ago

Missed you at Outland but awesome to see you Q again! No Devin Hester’s?

Hair Band
8 years ago

Incorporating the Indi… Um, Native American bear crawls.

I knew you liked it when I brought that out a month or two ago! You forgot the Native American Crab Walk though. 😉

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