Return to Mt. Olympus

  • When:Nov 8
  • QIC: BLC
  • The PAX: Yankie, Icky Shuffle, Fletch, Gummy, Ocho Cinco Brush Back, Slap Shot, BLC (YHC)

Return to Mt. Olympus

8 strong men ventured out on a cold November Saturday morning for some punishment.


20 2 hand swings

25 SSH

20 swings

20 IW

20 swings

15 merkins

15 Mtn Climbers

10 merkins

10 mtn climbers

5 merkins

5 mtn climbers

Main Event

2 teams of 4

team1 Farmers Carry

team2 10 merkins

flap jack to Mt Olympus 1/2 mile away

Top of the Mountain do the following;

20 swings, clean and press, goblet squats, lawn mowers

sprint as a team to bottom of Mt. Olympus

5 merkins as a team

sprint to the top

repeat cycle laddering down to 15,10, 5, then back to 10

Team farmers carries back with squat chaser

Go to play ground

team 1 knees to elbows

team 2 clean and press

flap jack 2 times

last 5 minutes 200 meter sprints at the top of the minute


-I can’t compete with The Hoff (Man Mountian as he is know by his lifting crew with Kobra Kai) and Gullah when it comes to iron and sleds so I thought I’d take it back to Mt Olympus with some farmers carries and wind sprints and Kettle Bells.

-All 8 of you guys crushed it!

-This is what I call leading from behind as I was the slowest guy up that Mountian.

-Kudos for Yankie resisting the fart sac and getting his butt out here where he belongs.
















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