• When:11/08/14
  • QIC: Radar, Hairball
  • The PAX: Purple Haze (WD), Teddy, Garbanzo, Dear Abby (DZ FNG), Prohibition, Smash, Honeybee, Semi Gloss, Radar (QIC), Hairball (QIC)


(Posted on behalf of Hairball)

10 real men proved they ain’t skeered of a little “polar vortex” and posted at the grittiest Saturday workout on NC Route 51.

Here’s what we did:
Hairball Q:
Mosey to the soccer fields
10 burpees OYO
Ski abs (‘cause it’s cold)
Mtn Climbers
Mosey lap around the track through the woods to Yellow Rose parking lot for some forward and backward sprints.
25 yds forward sprint, 5 burpees,
25 yds backward run, 5 merkins
50 yds forward sprint,  10 burpees
50 yds backward run, 10 merkins
75 yds forward sprint, 15 burpees
75 yds backward run, 15 merkins
100 yds forward sprint, 20 burpees
100 yds backward run, 20 merkins
Plank til everyone finishes
Partner up – size matters
P1 carry P2 up hill by Yellow Rose
Top of hill combo partner work: P1 OH Press/P2 Derkins
Wheelbarrow down hill alternating to bottom of median
Squats at bottom
Repeato, partner flapjack
Mosey back to parking lot for some Mary.
Dolly x20 IC
J-Lo x10 each side IC
Freddy Mercury x 20 IC
Radar Q:
Grab a sandbag. Semi Gloss notes the sandbag pile looks like a huge pile of droppings.
Partner work CMIYC ¾ of the way around the block
P1 run with bag, P2 Military merkins x10
More partner work up hill by Tuesday Morning
P1 – sandbag overhead press/P2 run up hill, 20x CDD
P1 – sandbag curls/P2 run up hill, 20x tricep merkins
More CMIYC the long way around Bevington
P1 run with sandbag
P2 – 10x monkey humpers, 10x bear squats, 10x LBC (extraoridnary public humiliation)
More hill work
P1 – AYG up and back/P2 overhead press and goblet squats
P1 – AYG up and back/P2 walking merkins
CMIYC back to YR lot to pick up Radar’s cardigan
P1 run with sandbag
P2 alternate jump squats and Sister Mary Catherines
Back-to-back sandbag twists with partner
Mosey with the bags back to the Day Zero Elementary
Ye Olde Moleskine:
Accuweather was spot on predicting the balmy 34 degrees. Only two muscular men answered the call to leave their sleeves at home. Semigloss looked like he cut his off on the drive over. Blindfolded. With one hand. Regardless, YHC was glad to see the dedication.
Lots of griping about how old guys need a warm-up before hitting burpees out of the gate. Even heard comments the pax thought Runstopper was on Q.
Semigloss had perhaps the best “carrot” waiting for him at the end of the workout: a hearty IKEA breakfast. Noone knows breakfast like the Swedes.
The back-to-back monkey-humpers/bear squats couldn’t have been called at a better location. Purple Haze was getting after it as two tomatoes jogged by oggling his perfect form.
Lots of hard work going on out there this morning men. Always a pleasure to lead.
• Bring shoes for Shoe Redemption by 11/15
• F3 Area 51 Christmas Party on 12/6 at Sugar Creek Brewery – sign up by 11/20.

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