Midterm elections – vote for Grass drills!

  • When:11/05/14
  • QIC: Strawberry
  • The PAX: Long Haul, Flutie Flakes, Haggis, Comacho, Pebbles, 0-fer, Parfait, Duncan, Boomer Sooner, Lugie, Frazier, Yogurt, Pop, Wingman, Mighty Mite, Madam Toussaud, Heartbreaker, Strawberry, Screech.

Midterm elections – vote for Grass drills!

The Thang:

2 circles around parking area – karoke, backwards

Vote – – – Bearcrawl or crabwalk to cinema parking entrance (we did both)

Mosey to lot in front of HT – circle / disclaimer

  • Vote – – – Peter parker or parker peter – after vote = X 15 each
  • LBC with twists x 20
  • Hands to toes x20
  • Vote – – – SSH or IW? = SSH x 20

Random whistle throughout workout – 5 merkins (10 if too slow to react)

Mosey to fountain

  • 30 dips OYO Choose which building to circle.
  • 30 (15 each leg) – step ups and choose which building to circle.

Mosey to grassy area in front of hill – Grass Drills – run in place – knees high.

  • One whistle – drop and 5 merkins.
  • Two whistles – drop and 5 burpees
  • Three whistles – run up to top of hill and back down

Mosey to vehicle parking – break up into 2 teams:

  • Shuttle runs while rest SSH in cadence
  • Winner chooses loser punishment – 5 burpees or run up/down hill.

Repeato but loser chooses punishment (Merkins while you wait).

Circle and Mary

  • Vote – – – Dolly or flutter?
  • Vote – – – Heels to Heaven or dying cockroach?


YHC had wanted a football practice style workout for a while – sort of taking back old school but minus the Riddell coaches’shorts (do they even still make those?). Then the midterm elections happened so why not combine the two. Add a whistle, and voila – democracy and grass drills! I figured that I would let the pax have choices on certain exercises, and in the true form of our great democracy; either listen to the people, or decide what’s truly best for them myself. Flutie Flakes had thought that after high school and college, he wouldn’t have to do exercises at the tune of a whistle – YHC is glad to bring him back to his hay days. Mighty Mite got confused with democracy and grass drills – they are the same thing if you think about it! Heartbreaker was hoping for only two hill climbs on the grass drills – Coach YHC obliged due to O2 deprivation. I personally liked the competitive shuttle runs. Competition pushes pax even when they are tired. None of us wants to lose and have punishment. I enjoyed leading as always, and hope that the extra flavor was enjoyed by all. Maybe in February we can have a NFL combine style workout – YHC will bring my whistle!

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