Death Valley Combine

  • When:11/05/14
  • QIC: Hopper
  • The PAX: Big Tuna, Back Office, Freedom, Joker, Header, Stagecoach, Sussudio (WD), Fletch, Alf, Geraldo, Hairball, Busch, Fireman Ed, Crawl Space, Lazy Boy, Spackler, Turkey Leg, Franks, Dolphin, Hopper

Death Valley Combine

—Posted on behalf of Hopper—

20 pax joined up for a post-election workout.  We did not have ballot boxes.  We did not have dangling chads.  We did not have “I Voted” stickers……but we did have running!  Kudos to the half dozen or so pax who showed up early for KB’s….I am forgetting some, but recall at least Spackler, Stagecoach and Dolphin.  When I pulled up Fireman Ed was there, too, but he was just drinking coffee watching the other guys workout…kind of creepy!

The Thang

Post disclaimer, we jogged to the front of the campus for:

25 SSH

20 MC’s

15 Peter Parkers

With the whistle quickly wrapped around YHC’s neck, the instruction was to follow down Strawberry Lane at 75% to 80% of mile pace and at the sound of the whistle drop and churn our 10 merkins.  And so the pax followed, until we got to Rosecliff where we turned around and dropped for some quick planks.  The run back to SCMS was the same whistle blowing drill, but with 7 diamond merkins this time.  Once back at SCMS, circle up for some elbow planks…..dang, that gravel/asphalt hurts.  YHC will need to rethink that next time.

Mosey to the baseball fields.  Partner up!  Partner 1 runs the perimeter of the entire baseball field along the fence line (amazing how much instruction that required!!) while partner 2 does dips until the return of partner 1.  Flapjack.  Round two was the same drill, but with derkins instead of dips. Flapjack.

Mosey to football field for some Mary:

35 LBC’s

20 Flutters

Mosey to the track for some combine action. We formed three lines of 6-7 guys per line.  Last man in line gets a football and runs to the front Indian Run style.  After front man gets the ball, he passes the ball back 1 by 1 until the then last man gets the ball and repeats.  YHC mentioned any fumble by any team would result in ten merkins, but there was no fumblitis out there today!  Our pax looked better than the Panthers backfield!…although Spackler would look funny with those pink dread hair extensions, wouldn’t he??….anyway…..

More Mary including:

20 Rosalita

20  Freddy Mercury (15 fast, 5 slow)

Protractor with angle “call-outs” from the pax

Last thing…..AYG 100 yard dash down the football field.  Fletch SMOKED all of us and was at least 15 yards ahead by the end….nice work, man!


It was an honor boys.  Tough, fit  pax show up to DV so I wanted to throw in a lot of running to not let you all down.  I had a lot of fun doing it and thanks for the opportunity to lead, Stagecoach.  Great work men!


  • Do not forget Sole Redemption and bring your used men’s athletic shoes (washed preferably).  Stagecoach inspired YHC to offer the shoes he was wearing on the spot!  Goal is 300 pair with a stretch of 500!
  • F3 Aftermath meets at the Starbucks in Piper Glen immediately following.
  • F3 Holiday Party is scheduled for 12/6 at Sugar Creek Brewery

Dolphin, thanks for a great take-out!

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Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

Did Hopper include this in the Disclaimer? – “Gentlemen, it is better to have died a small boy than to fumble the football”

John Heisman

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