Frozen Pea Pea

  • When:11/04/14
  • QIC: Turkey Leg
  • The PAX: Gummy, Purple Haze, Alf, Mr. Brady, Turkey Leg

Frozen Pea Pea

Five men took to the street for a triple-7 treat in the hills of RainTree.

The Thang:

Warm-up run out to ABC store at Arboretum

Brief COP with SSHs, Burpees oyo, diamonds (per PH request)

Mosey through Arbo to Providence and Windbluff to Shallowood

Sevens on the hill #1: Burpees at bottom, CCDs at top

Mosey down Windbluff to the hill at Raintree

Sevens on the hill #2: Diamonds at the bottom, burpees at the top

Mosey over to Rounding Run

Sevens on the hill #3: lunges at the bottom; wide-arm merkins at top

Mosey to Rising Meadow for a couple gassers

Indian run back to launch

Total mileage: 5.75


  • The pre-tweet about the triple-7 treat seemed to thin out the crowds, despite Thunder Road being over a week away.  Where’s the regulars?  Already tapering.
  • Alf seemed to have the strongest lead out of the bunch today; seemed to help lounging 10 minutes in the john prior to launch to avoid a Splinter. #nohiding
  • When asked about his 2-gallon capacity outerwear, Mr Brady provided the group with an earful about a marathon in Boston once where his lack of sufficient undergarments led to a ‘frostbitten pea pea’.  talk about shrinkage – ouch!
  • Haze did a good job egging on the Q today to get some extra diamonds and a special excursion up the WIndbluff hill, by request of course
  • Gummy – great to see you back out there today; hope the foot gets better.
  • As always, its an honor to lead the men of FT.   T-claps to Gummy for bringing us out.

TL out.


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Chelms aka Tatertot
8 years ago

PH egging on the Q – imagine that

Purple Haze
8 years ago

I can only take credit for the comment about Windbluff. It was Alf doing all the talk about diamonds.

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