Twitter actually does work

  • When:11/03/2014
  • QIC: Run Stopper
  • The PAX: White Snake, Relo, Huggy Bear, Tauney, Crawl Space, Cupid, Big Tuna, Hopper, Geraldo, Peeper, Big Top, Simba, Insomniac, Passport, Fireman Ed, Robin Hood, Pele,

Twitter actually does work

Man I was honored to see 18 Pax out there at Base Camp this morning, I think we had 8 or 10 the for my last Q out three. Someone said it was because I pre-tweeted out serving Lattes and S’mores but who cares, it was nice to see so many new faces and some old (sorry passport).

No Flag was planted, but YHC came in hot listing to something on Pandora that’s probably outlawed on many south charlotte middle school campuses, but I was ready to dish out some pain today and many men would attest I accomplished my mission.

The Thang’

  • SSH X16
  • Imperial Walkers x16
  • Mountain Climbers x20
  • LBC x16
  • Burpees x10
  • Merkins x16

Mosey to entrance of school

  • 5 mins in peoples chair 5 mins while arm raises in cadence to 150
  • 1 min plank with feet on wall

Form two lines for fellowship pace jog to William R Davies Park (1/2 mile away)

  • Locate rock pile
  • Get a rock, caress your rock- Jack Webb with your rock (1 Merkin; 4 overhead presses w/Rock)
  • Get mad at rock for being heavy
  • Throw rock back in pile.

Mosey to playground:

  • 3 rounds of following, Pull-ups x10,Dirkens x25, Merkins x25

 Form two lines for fellowship pace jog to back to Base Camp

 Hold ¾ wrestling stance for 2 mins while reset of Pax returns, switch to holding a squat 1 min.


 Naked Mole Skin:

  • It’s all about the Shoes! Please gather as many gently used workout shoes as possible or else a small mean lion will come after you #SimbaNEEDSyourshoes
  • Christmas party Dec 6 – at Sugar Creek Brewery details to follow via weekly news
  • TR on Q next Monday here at Base Camp
  • Pele – TCLAPS to everyone foe the many prayers for his wife! Last Chemo treatment on Thursday! He wanted to let everyone know that they appreciate all our prayers and thoughts!
  • Hats off to the assistant in the South Charlotte Middle School office who kept peeking out the blinds and staring at Simba with a longing look in her eyes… perhaps it was cataracts but who am I to judge.

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8 years ago

Some thoughts/highlights:
-There was quite a bit of chatter, always makes the workout better.
-the base camp crew hung in there for all 5 mins, I think they were motivated by the question: what if I disobey RunStopper.
-you told us to grab a big rock, even chose Ed’s and then told him he might want to reconsider.
-Passport looks crazy in a balaclava but it was cold out there.
-I love that guys are contributing to #F3SoleRedemption, Insomniac and Crawlspace even donated the shoes off their feet. #Shakedown. Keep em coming boys.
Good Q Stopper.

Reply to  Simba
8 years ago

Simba: That was absolutely the motivation for going the entire 5 minutes (and waiting until Stopper was looking the other way to adjust my sitting stance).

Great Q RS. Paying for it today. 5 minutes in the People’s Chair…quads are barking. Crushed up some Aleve in my coffee, and all is well.

Have a great week, all.

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